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Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot
Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot
April 3, 2014
Posted by Dennis Miller
It is the end of the America as we knew it. It just is...The Clinton Foundation is a Stargate for money that's been laundered more times than Al Roker's undies...Al Gore's army of True Believers will tell you everything causes global warming except burning deniers at the stake...If you have doubts about man-made Global Warming speak now. I don't believe in it, but I do believe the Left are about to heat it up to 451F...Some are now blaming the difficulty of the MH370 search on Climate Change. Face it folks, they're playing "6 Degrees of Global Warming" on the Left now...The physics on the missing Air Malaysia flight are so baffling I'm beginning to wonder if it might be lodged in Gov. Connally's wrist...Turns out the only copy of the new Obamacare tweaks were on the Air Malaysia flight...Vlad saying he has no need for the rest of Ukraine is like a guy in a duplex in Far Rockaway telling you the Montauk beach pad isn't for him...Putin just signed to play the villain in the new Bond flick "Goldnipple"... And dot's dot, folks!
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Autographed copies available. Makes great gifts!
Available at a great price - While they last!
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