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Rants April 20, 2011
It's a Loser Proposition
It's a Loser Proposition
Nothing lets Dennis down more than people in their 20s and 30s, looking to be taken care of by the government. Where's the fight in these young people?
Tags:  Forget the CluelessLoservilleRantsWork Ethic
Rants December 29, 2010
Take A Day Off From Loserhood
Take A Day Off From Loserhood
Upon hearing that one person complaining resulted in the removal of a public nativity scene, Dennis says that the squeaky wheel gets the other wheels.
Tags:  ChristmasLoservilleRants
Annotated Miller November 24, 2010
Teat Town
Teat Town
Teat Town: A land of losers where even 20-year-old kids are whining about government handouts 40 years hence.
Tags:  Annotated MillerLoservilleTeat Town
Videos November 18, 2010
Dennis Miller - Bathrobe Sessions #139
Dennis talks about the future of California in this free clip of the weekly Bathrobe Sessions.
Tags:  Bathrobe SessionsLoservilleVideos
Rants November 12, 2010
The Weird Zone
The Weird Zone
What incentive do people have to work hard if they're under the protection of their unions?
Tags:  LoservilleRantsUnions
Featured Caller November 5, 2010
Featured Caller 11/05/2010
Featured Caller 11/05/2010
Nancy from CA shares her dream 2012 ticket, sparking an in-depth analysis of the Donald's combover.
Tags:  2012Donald TrumpFeatured CallerLoservilleSarah PalinThe Fat Man
Interview Clips November 5, 2010
Jerry Brown and the Laws of Physics
Jerry Brown and the Laws of Physics
The always-shrewd Victor Davis Hanson talks about the future of California, in light of ongoing economic woes and this week's election of Jerry Brown -- which begs the question: Is Cali still salvageable?
Tags:  CaliforniaElectionsJerry BrownLoservilleMoonbeamVictor Davis Hanson
Rants November 4, 2010
Who's Stuck Asking Texas For Help?
Who's Stuck Asking Texas For Help?
When it comes time for the rest of the lower 48 to prop up California, Dennis feels bad for the guy who has to go knock on Texas's door.
Tags:  CaliforniaElectionsLoservilleMark SteynRants
Annotated Miller November 2, 2010
Waiting for Superman
Waiting for Superman
Waiting for Superman: A must-see doc by filmmaker Davis Guggenheim about the failing education system in this country (thanks to Dems and corrupt unions).
Tags:  Annotated MillerLoservilleMovies
Annotated Miller November 1, 2010
Deney Terrio
Deney Terrio: An American choreographer, actor and one-time host of the television musical variety series Dance Fever.
Tags:  Annotated MillerDeney TerrioHarry ReidJerry BrownLoservilleVideosYouTube
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