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Upcoming Guests
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Paul Ryan
December 22 2014
Republican Congressman of Wisconsin and author of "The Way Forward"
Dennis DeYoung
December 22 2014
Musician; founding member of Styx
Tresha Mabile
December 22 2014
Executive Producer of "American War Generals"
Melik Kaylan
December 22 2014
Co-author of "The Russia-China Axis"
Tom Sizemore
December 22 2014
John Cleese
December 22 2014
Comedian, actor in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", "Life of Brian", and "Fawlty Towers"; author of "So, Anyway..."
Nick Adams
December 22 2014
Former Australian politician, conservative commentator, and author of "The American Boomerang"
Dana Carvey
December 22 2014
Patty Farmer
December 22 2014
Author of "Playboy On Stage"
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