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Ken Adelman
August 29 2014
Paul Rieckhoff
August 29 2014
Peter Noone
August 29 2014
Paul Shirley
August 29 2014
Former professional basketball player
Justin Halpern
August 29 2014
Creator of "$#*! My Dad Says" and author of "I Suck At Girls"
Rick Santorum
August 29 2014
Former Republican Senator of Pennsylvania, former Republican candidate for President and author of "Blue Collar Conservatives"
Sean Astin
August 29 2014
Actor in "Mom's Day Out", "Rudy", and "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy
Jon Favreau
August 29 2014
Director of "Chef", "Made", "Swingers", "Iron Man", and "Iron Man 2"
Penny Marshall
August 28 2014
Ken Hughes
August 28 2014
Author of "Chasing Shadows", discussing the new HBO documentary, "Nixon By Nixon: In His Own Words"
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