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Recent Shout Outs to Dennis
Jackie wrote at 9:52 AM on Nov-02-2010:
Great Election Day show, Dennis! My man is fired up!
Char wrote at 7:09 AM on Nov-01-2010:
Dennis: I can't wait for Tuesday! I've loved riding along with your show to get to tomorrow's elections. I am very, very hopeful and it feels good. Thanks for keeping the last few weeks entertaining.
rabbit wrote at 9:04 AM on Oct-31-2010:
Dennis: I stumbled across this great Bill Hicks quote today and thought you'd enjoy it. "Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves...Here's Tom with the weather."
Simile Samurai wrote at 6:35 PM on Oct-30-2010:
Check out Gladwell's latest: "What the Dog Saw" (2009). It's a collection of his essays from The New Yorker. I think you'll especially enjoy the essay on Ron Popeil, the inventor/pitchman.
Eris wrote at 12:19 PM on Oct-29-2010:
Dennis: I've been a member of the DMZ from the start. Love listening to you, it's like being home. When you mentioned Town Talk bread the other day I almost fell out of my chair! Just wanted to let you know it's great to hear that Pittsburgh accent every day!
Marie wrote at 7:22 AM on Oct-28-2010:
Dennis: Love your segments on O'Reilly. Every Wednesday they seem to get funnier and funnier. Can't wait for Miller Time each week!
Brad wrote at 6:08 AM on Oct-27-2010:
Dennis: I turn the big 4-8 in a week and asked the wife to sign me up for the DMZ for my b-day. I got an early present. What a dame I married!
Andre A. wrote at 8:15 PM on Oct-26-2010:
I'm with Lisa, still laughing at the bat story. Did you ever find a gay bat expert?
Steven K. wrote at 5:33 PM on Oct-26-2010:
Dennis,got to agree with you on the state of the NFL. With the influx of commercials, official timeouts, and the review process trying to make it a perfect game, they are destroying the game I love. Oh! For the days of Pat Summerhall & John Madden when men were men.
Thomas W. wrote at 6:36 AM on Oct-26-2010:
Dennis, you asked how many times you should be able to run and lose. I am from Minnesota, the land of Harold Stassen, who ran for president 12 times from 1944 to 2000, and had he not died in 2001, he would be working today on his 2012 run.
Lisa wrote at 3:46 PM on Oct-25-2010:
Still laughing about your bat story!
Gary Z. wrote at 7:06 AM on Oct-25-2010:
I've really been enjoying the weekly visits from Rich Eisen. You two have great chemistry and I like how you don't always agree on everything. Makes for very interesting radio!
Teddy wrote at 7:19 AM on Oct-21-2010:
Miller Time is the best part of O'Reilly. I liked what you said about starting an apology with the word 'if.' You're so right. People do that all the time and it's not a sincere apology. Good on ya.
Peter W. wrote at 6:52 AM on Oct-20-2010:
Dennis, I watched a short video on your website yesterday. As a result, I joined the DMZ, and your show is GREAT!!! Thank you for your talents, and opinions!
James H. wrote at 9:14 AM on Oct-18-2010:
Hey Dennis, with Jesse Ventura interview, it's hard to believe what he was saying about the gov't, we can barely pass a budget or read a bill before voting on it. They're just not that organized. Who has time for this?
Larry E. wrote at 8:49 AM on Oct-18-2010:
Dennis made a good point about the movie "Munich," and how it avoided the topic of the terrorism that brought on Israeli retribution. It's as if you made "Hand 'em High," and just showed Clint Eastwood shooting people -- never showed the beginning, where they lynched him for something he didn't do.
Chris in NJ wrote at 8:05 AM on Oct-18-2010:
Dennis - My wife and I saw you at the Borgata and thought you were hilarious. Can't wait for the HBO special.
Melanie in NJ wrote at 1:05 PM on Oct-17-2010:
Saw you at the Borgata and am still laughing! Loved the podium!
osagebowler wrote at 1:23 PM on Oct-16-2010:
Can't wait for the Michael Barone interview (like I've got a choice...)!
Lizette wrote at 7:12 AM on Oct-14-2010:
Dennis: Hubby and I are coming to the show at the Borgata and cannot WAIT for your show! If your recent one-liners on O'Reilly are any indication, Friday is going to be a riot!
Henrietta wrote at 7:59 AM on Oct-13-2010:
It's true, Dennis. When you put your name on something, it is a great contribution to the cause. Thanks for your continued efforts with helping kids, military and families in need. You're a real mensch.
Nancy K. wrote at 8:50 AM on Oct-11-2010:
Thanks for continuing to say what I'm thinking and for being a sane voice in a sea of madness.
Debbie Downer wrote at 6:39 AM on Oct-11-2010:
Dennis - thanks to you, I've been turned onto TCM and classic movies in general. A child of the 80s, I missed the boat on a lot of these flicks, but because of you, I've been making up for lost time! Just this weekend, I caught Public Enemy, The Quiet Man, and Sweet Smell of Success! Loved them all!
Lisa wrote at 5:25 AM on Oct-08-2010:
I just wanted to say how much I admire that you really walk your talk. THANKS for standing up for Sharron Angle and for pointing out that there ARE honorable people stepping up for office!
Jennifer H. wrote at 7:49 AM on Oct-07-2010:
Well, Dennis, I started on "Atlas Shrugged" today! I got it for my birthday. I'm well on my way to becoming a more well rounded person. Thanks for you, a great teacher even if you don't know it.
Larry E. wrote at 5:03 AM on Oct-07-2010:
Sometimes Dennis throws out nuggets of wisdom almost by accident. Like when he said, "You know what's shakier than a monster? That's a monster who thinks he's doing the right thing."
Henrietta wrote at 7:45 AM on Oct-06-2010:
Dennis - We loved your show at the Orleans this weekend. Can't wait to see it again on HBO!!
Joanie wrote at 8:44 AM on Oct-05-2010:
Dennis, you are the smartest man alive. I love your show!
Douglas H. wrote at 7:30 AM on Oct-04-2010:
Hey Dennis: Looks like Rick Sanchez will have plenty of time to promote his book Conventional Idiocy...Art imitating life...imitating art...imitating life...
Cat in Vegas wrote at 5:30 PM on Oct-03-2010:
Dennis, my hubs and I saw you in Vegas over the weekend: Hi-Lar-I-Ous. Can't wait for the special on HBO!
Tom C. wrote at 6:50 AM on Oct-01-2010:
Mr. Miller: What a great show! Day after day, I enjoy your wit and point of view. My sincere appreciation for making my time at work more enjoyable.
osagebowler wrote at 6:58 AM on Sep-30-2010:
Dennis, you must be getting really good at radio. I haven't watched T.V. in over two years, and I enjoy listening to you interview guys with roles on T.V. shows more than I used to like watching.
Henrietta wrote at 6:08 AM on Sep-30-2010:
Dennis: I love watching you on Bill O'Reilly's show. You are highlight of the week there. Keep it up!
Terri in Temecula wrote at 8:00 PM on Sep-29-2010:
I agree with the caller who said you are never better than when you are with Orson Bean. Over the past year and a half since he's been on the show, the conversations get better every time.
Kathy in NH wrote at 8:07 AM on Sep-28-2010:
Dennis: I just wanted you to know how much I admire you and think that you're spot-on with your observations on politics and human interaction. Not to mention - you're hilarious. Love the show!
Larry E. wrote at 12:40 PM on Sep-27-2010:
Gloria Stuart has just died, at the age of 100, and God bless her. To me, the best intro to her work is the movie "Gold Diggers of 1935." She is so winsome, so heartfelt, so lovely in that movie, that anybody would develop a crush on her after seeing it. Watch that movie -- I defy you not to love Gloria Stuart.
osagebowler wrote at 11:24 AM on Sep-25-2010:
Had a great time last night at the USA Cares show in Chicago. It was worth the 150 mile drive.
Jackie wrote at 10:59 AM on Sep-24-2010:
Coming to your show tonight in Chicago. Looking forward to some Dennis Miller!!
David D. wrote at 8:49 AM on Sep-24-2010:
Speaking of a Governor who had a lot of bad press, Jesse Ventura finished his term. Sarah Palin should have finished hers; there is no excuse. Dennis I am half your age. It is not a generation thing; it's an accountability thing. You do not leave your post.
Daniel In Carlsbad, CA wrote at 10:16 AM on Sep-23-2010:
Obama ran his campaign with the rhetoric of a 'moderate' or centrist Democrat. However, it has turned out that his so Liberal that Socialism is claiming him as a 'dependent' on their tax return this year. Once a radical community organizer, always a radical community organizer.
Fard from Berwyn wrote at 7:50 AM on Sep-23-2010:
Say! Officer O'Reilly called you "Dennis" on air. Nice.
Hank wrote at 7:11 AM on Sep-23-2010:
My wife and I have our Dennis Miller tickets for Chicago. Can't wait for tomorrow!
Gary W. wrote at 5:51 AM on Sep-23-2010:
It's easy to give Palin a hard time about quitting, but when facing the biggest challenge of her life, she was not found wanting. She has never given up on little Trig, when a lot of us would have. Sometimes in life, you have to let some things go. Even if you are Governor, it's still just a job.
Daniel In Carlsbad, CA wrote at 6:28 AM on Sep-22-2010:
Dennis, I agree that Christine O'Donnell is flakier than the crust in my Turkey Potpie. But, if she adheres to the conservative principles of less spending, less government and lower taxes, she will continue to get my support as well. The ivy-league educated 'professional' politicians have run this ship aground.
James wrote at 1:53 PM on Sep-21-2010:
Dennis - I'm about halfway through Thomas Sowell's "The Quest For Social Justice." He is unbelievably spot on in his analysis. Thanks for turning me onto this brilliant man!
Lynne B. wrote at 7:54 AM on Sep-21-2010:
DMZ Contingent on deck for Chicago!
Dan Lewis wrote at 6:02 AM on Sep-21-2010:
Dennis: For my birthday this year, the wife got me tickets to your show in Chicago...that and a DVD of the Beatles Ed Sullivan appearances. Life is good...
John K. wrote at 8:14 AM on Sep-20-2010:
Dennis: Wiccans trump socialists, as long as they believe in capitalism and the Constitution.
osagebowler wrote at 6:10 PM on Sep-19-2010:
Dennis, wasn't Frank Sinatra the first act at the Chicago Theater when it reopened after burning down?
Gerri wrote at 12:07 PM on Sep-19-2010:
Dennis: My husband and I were at your show in Riverside and thought you were BRILLIANT! Congratulations!
Mitch wrote at 7:28 AM on Sep-17-2010:
Coming to your show and we are so excited! Can't wait to see Miller in person.
Marc F. wrote at 7:08 AM on Sep-17-2010:
I have two words for 2012, Romney/Bolton!
Trey Roper wrote at 4:53 PM on Sep-16-2010:
Dennis: Governor Tim Pawlenty is in town (Tokyo) this week on a trade delegation and I had the pleasure of meeting him last night and mentioned that I liked the interview you did of him on your show. It was the only time in those two hours I saw him roll his head back and laugh out-loud. What's up with that?! This is the kind of guy we need on the conservative side running for Prez. Regards and love the show.....Trey
Ghengis Ken wrote at 1:12 PM on Sep-16-2010:
Dennis: I heard you casting about for an apt description of your feelings toward Islam. May I suggest "Islam-emetic," which means that the whole sorry mess makes you want to throw up?
Jennifer H. wrote at 6:12 AM on Sep-16-2010:
Dennis: Saw The Fountainhead on TCM on Monday night. What an eye-opener that was. Everyday I learn something...We've been battling socialism for years...WOW
Larry E. wrote at 12:13 PM on Sep-15-2010:
I think Dennis is absolutely right: when Democrats accuse conservatives of racism, it's just a tactic. They don't have any actual arguments, and the things they favor are indefensible. (Who can defend things like just throwing our borders open to anybody who wants to come here?) So their only argument is to sling mud, call names, slander motives.
Jackie in NJ wrote at 7:06 AM on Sep-15-2010:
Dennis - I loved your take on Ines Sainz. I have no sympathy for her because a.) I would kill to look like that and b.) She gets to go in the JETS LOCKER ROOM. Some people!
Joanie wrote at 7:59 AM on Sep-14-2010:
Just got my tickets for the Fox Performing Arts Center in Riverside -- super-excited to see you, Dennis! I know it's going to be a great evening.
Larry E. wrote at 8:22 AM on Sep-13-2010:
I appreciated what Dennis said about the three segments of Muslims, including the "whiny ones" who understand and sympathize with the fanatical bombers. I think of that as the "good-cop, bad-cop" aspect of Muslims -- there's the segment who actively, openly hate us and want to kill us, and the segment that feel the same way but pretend not to. That doesn't leave many who really oppose violence.
Terri in Temecula wrote at 6:41 AM on Sep-13-2010:
Looking forward to seeing you and Julia at Fox Performing Arts Center in Riverside this Friday the 17th!
Daniel In Carlsbad, CA wrote at 7:03 AM on Sep-10-2010:
Just finished watching the first 2 discs of Dennis' HBO Comedy Specials. Classic D-Man at his best. Opted for the 'Autographed' version of this set, which was great as it will be framed and a nice addition to my office in homage to DM.
John Harrison wrote at 8:47 AM on Sep-09-2010:
Okay. You're right. The Koran burning minister is a nutter. Need a solution. How's about a bunch of Christians who understand this guys is a nutter just show up with buckets of water and super soakers and when this guys lights up, hose him down. He lights a match....squirt, squirt, squirt...out it goes. Simple solution.
James wrote at 8:37 AM on Sep-09-2010:
Who would win in a fight between Mansquito and Raid?
Sherry wrote at 5:39 AM on Sep-09-2010:
I am not going to say that I think burning the Koran is a good thing but I am surprised at the number of people who are damning this man, yet defend the "right" to build a mosque at Ground Zero. The whole Muslim issue is so one sided. Morally correct is morally correct and we don't get to pick and choose on those things.
Craig wrote at 5:08 AM on Sep-08-2010:
Dennis, Thanks for having Star Parker on your show. She is a very interesting candidate and certainly someone who deserves the publicity. I hope she wins.
Nancy wrote at 3:12 PM on Sep-07-2010:
Mark Steyn and Dennis Miller - my two favorite minds, together again! Great interview!
Daniel In Carlsbad, CA wrote at 8:16 PM on Sep-06-2010:
Any chance there will be open casting for Mansquito? I think you guys have a real winner here and would love to be a part of it. I'd like to try out as "Bumble Boy" - Mansquito's husky, cardio-challenged sidekick who loves Malt Liquor. What do you think?
Sterling R. wrote at 9:27 AM on Sep-03-2010:
Dennis, you are always brilliant, but the "call time redistribution" was ONE OF THE FUNNIEST THINGS I HAVE EVER HEARD ON RADIO. I did the Danny Kaye spit-take of coffee all over my Mac. Thanks.
Harvey wrote at 6:04 AM on Sep-03-2010:
Dennis: Thanks so much for having one of our mutual heroes, Dr. Thomas Sowell, on the show. He is a genius and someone whom I greatly admire. Good interviewing too.
Richard S. wrote at 6:01 PM on Sep-02-2010:
Two of my favorite people on this planet: you, and Mike Rowe. Awesome interview that, unlike Mike's show, was not full of crap. Reminds me of why I podcast the show religiously. Thanks Dennis, and good job Christian for being an awesome producer!
Jeff wrote at 7:54 AM on Sep-02-2010:
All this talk about the money that has been spent on the wars. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't that money go to companies that make ammunition, weapons etc., and aren't those companies located in the US which employ Americans.? Defense spending accomplishes two things: Keeps our enemies in check and employs Americans. Jeff T.
Bill from San Antonio wrote at 2:05 PM on Sep-01-2010:
Dennis, you're the greatest! I've listened since you started the radio show 3+ years ago. Your common sense approach to tough issues have caused me to revise my own personal philosophy. I refer to my philosophy as "WWMD" (What Would Mansquito Do).
Gordon wrote at 7:04 AM on Sep-01-2010:
Oh, man! I love it when you light up Rick Sanchez. He is a blankin' IDIOT.
Judy R. wrote at 6:01 PM on Aug-31-2010:
Wow, Dennis, I thought I was weird for projecting my age out to the next number when I'm about six months shy of my birthday, but now I see I'm in excellent company. And another benefit to doing so is that you're not shocked by your "new" age because you've tried it on for several months!
Uvula Scrimshaw wrote at 8:54 AM on Aug-31-2010:
Can Dennis say "wool fur", then say "wool-fur", then "woolfur", then say "woolf" with no "-ur"?
Suzie-Q wrote at 7:55 AM on Aug-31-2010:
Dennis, you are hilarious! Keep up the good work, being the funniest voice of reason out there!
Gary W. wrote at 1:20 AM on Aug-30-2010:
You posed the question " When did we tun into a bunch of eunuchs?" I don't have a date but I do have a theory. Illegals do all the jobs teenage boys use to do. By working hard as a young man around grown men it lays a firm foundation for life's future challenges. Ask the average teenage boy the last time he had a dose of manual labor.
Speedzone wrote at 10:06 AM on Aug-29-2010:
Never more entertained than when you sing along with Ozzy on "War Pigs!"
osagebowler wrote at 6:29 AM on Aug-27-2010:
I have two words for liberals who think Ground Zero is an acceptable site for this mosque: "TOO SOON!"
Michelle wrote at 8:33 AM on Aug-26-2010:
Mansquito rules!
Dan wrote at 7:16 AM on Aug-26-2010:
At this point, I'm not even weighing the argument of First Amendment versus Good Taste. The people who are building the mosque should just realize that it's not a smart idea. I wouldn't go to Saudi Arabia and do things that I was told repeatedly were not a good idea. Not worth it.
Dave wrote at 5:36 PM on Aug-25-2010:
Just caught your reference about putting Sriracha on your eggs. Must agree wholeheartedly. Tastiest of the spicy hot sauces. I've gotten to the point where I'm putting Sriracha on almost everything I eat. Disturbing, yes.
Mr. Cairo wrote at 4:50 PM on Aug-25-2010:
Mansquito sighting! On America Live! Watching Megyn Kelly laugh is worth the price of... well, it's just worth it.
Rod Z. wrote at 1:30 PM on Aug-25-2010:
Here is one comparison I would like to hear someone in favor of the Mosque respond to. The purpose of the Mosque is outreach and to bridge gaps and we respond this as misguided and offensive. If we were to build a statue of Mohamed across the street to bridge a gap with our Muslim friends, they would consider it misguided and offensive and probably issue a death edict.
Speedzone wrote at 12:02 PM on Aug-25-2010:
It was great to finally see you on Red Eye. Yours was far and away the most eagerly anticipated guest appearance the show has ever had, and you were sensational. Hope you're on it again sometime.
Mags wrote at 7:10 AM on Aug-25-2010:
Dennis, I watched Red Eye today on TiVo with my morning coffee. You were fabulous! Best Red Eye EVER!!!
Teddy wrote at 1:12 AM on Aug-25-2010:
Dennis, Just watched you on Red Eye and thought you were awesome! I was rolling through the whole show. Great job!
jerry w. wrote at 12:23 PM on Aug-24-2010:
Dennis: You inform me and entertain me everyday and that makes each day a little easier to deal with knowing there is a kindred spirit out there like you. Thank you!
Henrietta wrote at 7:10 AM on Aug-24-2010:
Dennis: I am loving your rants lately about the Mosque. Thanks for making sense in a world gone mad!
Jackie wrote at 7:12 PM on Aug-23-2010:
Dear Dennis, I love what you had to say about November. Not only will we take back the seats, we will flatten the Dems. But, as you said, we will also send a message to the GOP: If you screw this up, we will flatten you too!
Karyn wrote at 7:25 AM on Aug-23-2010:
Dennis: We saw you at the Count Basie. What a great show!!! Thanks for putting HUGE smiles on our faces!
osagebowler wrote at 6:55 AM on Aug-23-2010:
Dennis, I heard Mark Levin mention your name out of the blue. He saw you on T.V. during his broadcast, and took time to say how much he admires your humor and intelligence. With fans like Mark, you must be doing a lot right.
Douglas H. wrote at 11:39 PM on Aug-20-2010:
Dennis - the show in Morristown was great!
You were flicking the jab ... then wham.
Great show!
Teresa wrote at 7:47 AM on Aug-20-2010:
Dennis, my husband and I saw you in Englewood and we are still laughing! Thanks for a great show.
ManChops wrote at 2:47 AM on Aug-20-2010:
The phrase "since the Great Depression" has lost all historical resonance from massive overuse. I suggest we replace it with "since the cows discovered crack."
Thomas W. wrote at 11:41 AM on Aug-19-2010:
Dennis, regarding the Newsweek "Best Countries" list that ranked Finland, Switzerland, Sweden 1-2-3, surprise surprise. So I would ask, where do you think the editors of Newsweek live? I am going out on a limb and guess 11th-ranked America? Why settle for #11?
Gerry wrote at 7:18 AM on Aug-19-2010:
Dennis, you should fly more often. Your airline stories are hilarious!!!
Roy wrote at 4:26 PM on Aug-18-2010:
Wow. Don't know if you've noticed but these Maureen Dowd columns in the NYT are getting better and better. Who'd a thunk it that she would stop drinking the BHO kool-aid? And she threw a tip of the hat to W today--amazing!
Daniel S. wrote at 10:58 AM on Aug-18-2010:
Dennis, as a disabled veteran of the Iraq war, and a friend of Debbie Lee's, I wanted to say a sincere and heartfelt "Thank You" for always remembering our troops, past and present, and thank you for having Debbie on the show. She's an incredible person and friend, and for you to have her on speaks volumes about where your heart is in regards to the sacrifice that not only service men and women make, but their families as well.
Daniel In Carlsbad, CA wrote at 9:45 AM on Aug-18-2010:
Just got my Tickets for Dennis' show in Riverside, CA on September 17 - 5th Row CENTER! Very pumped to see the D-Man Live! It will be my 12th Dennis Miller Concert...nobody better!
Richard wrote at 7:45 AM on Aug-18-2010:
Dennis: Until the Islamic leaders denounce the actions of the Jihad, the placement of the mosque should not even be considered.
Boudreaux wrote at 12:08 AM on Aug-18-2010:
How is it that Obama can say he wants to stay out of "State or local issues" when speaking of this Mosque in NYC. But at the same time, he does not respect the "State or local issues" of Arizona's border law?
Dan G. wrote at 11:18 AM on Aug-17-2010:
I'm deployed to a SW Asia country where, out of respect to the host country, you're not allowed to eat, chew gum, or drink water in front of them during Ramadan. But back home, we get no respect at the site of the worst attack on US soil since WWII. Oh, by the way Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate - it's 126 degrees in the shade.
Jay wrote at 7:48 AM on Aug-17-2010:
Dennis, I'm so excited for your Englewood, NJ show! It's gonna be a great night!
Steven K. wrote at 4:14 PM on Aug-16-2010:
As for the Mosque being built near ground zero in NYC? NO F & N way! These Muslims just want to pour salt into the deep wound they inflicted on America. With the outrage being mounted against this construction, the Muslims will pull the plug on this site and move it elsewhere.
Thomas W. wrote at 2:00 PM on Aug-16-2010:
You mused out loud today about what has happened to some of your crazier callers. I have wondered the same. Whatever happened to the conspiracy guy who claimed that Stephen King was responsible for John Lennon's death? Do you think Stephen King finally got to him?
Mel from Massachusetts wrote at 8:51 AM on Aug-16-2010:
The world is right again! New shows to get me through exercise that I so loathe. I hate when you go away, but the return is so sweet Dennis!
Debbie wrote at 7:07 AM on Aug-16-2010:
Dennis is back! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!
Ken wrote at 5:59 AM on Aug-13-2010:
Dennis: Listening back to some of your more 'challenging' interviews, I am amazed at how even-handed you are with your guests. Looking forward to next week!
Franc Z. wrote at 11:19 PM on Aug-11-2010:
Gay Bar next to the mosque?....
Greg Gutfeld is a genius!
John wrote at 9:33 AM on Aug-11-2010:
Love listening to Clint Howard on your show! He's a great guest and a fine conservative gentleman!
Brad Shirk wrote at 8:13 AM on Aug-10-2010:
Hey Big D: With the new freedom I've gained from my free and guaranteed government health insurance I've decided to fulfill my lifelong dream of joining the entertainment industry. I just can't decide whether to pursue a career as a sidewalk musician, street mime, or just entertain the kids by wandering the open market in a funny animal costume? Any advice would be appreciated or maybe someone could hook me up with ACORN to get the new enterprise jump-started.
Speedzone wrote at 9:25 PM on Aug-08-2010:
It's insensitive to murder people and then want to build your church on top of the crime scene. Some can't understand why there is resistance to Muslims doing just that at Ground Zero in New York. Of course the terrorists were a small band of Jihadists, but no matter how well you explain things, people who know better will keep pretending not to get it.
Andre A. wrote at 2:29 PM on Aug-07-2010:
Dennis I went back to your June 11th show, and listened to your interview with Christopher Hitchens. I've heard many interviews with him, as well as, debates, and don't recall hearing what I heard in this interview, which was coughing, and throat clearing. It must have been cancers first words?
I think the world of Hitch. Don't agree on a lot of what he stands for, but I will pray for him whether he likes it or not. Thanks for the interview.
Marie wrote at 12:12 PM on Aug-06-2010:
Dennis: While you have one of the sharpest tongues (and wit) on the radio, I am always touched when you show true compassion for a fellow human, which is often.
Michelle wrote at 8:46 AM on Aug-06-2010:
You always have the best guests on your show, Dennis. And the way you interview them is uniquely you. Love listening to you and I'm sure your guests love being on your show! Keep it up!
Larry E. wrote at 9:04 PM on Aug-05-2010:
I'll tell you how to prevent the mosque at Ground Zero: go out west and get a few families of Spotted Owls, and plant them around the place. Put Snail Darters in the water fountains. get some California Condors to perch on top of the building like gargoyles. If some judge doesn't LIKE a building project, they can always find a pretext to forbid one.
James wrote at 8:44 AM on Aug-05-2010:
Get this: The sheriff's dept in my hometown has switched to blue silhouette targets for the firing range, because the black ones have been deemed, "racist." Papa Smurf could not be reached for comment.
Jay wrote at 5:06 AM on Aug-05-2010:
Dennis, Your segment on O'Reilly was outstanding this week! So many great jokes but you really got to the heart of the matter about the mosque. I wish more "Hollywood-types" would be as honest as you.
Karyn wrote at 6:56 PM on Aug-04-2010:
Dennis: Love your rants about the mosque. You are soooooooo right!!!! Keep up the good fight!
Gary Z. wrote at 7:42 PM on Aug-03-2010:
Dennis: Could not agree with you more about the mosque at Ground Zero. I am enraged. By the way, do you know why this property at 45 Park Place is even available? Because on 9/11, some landing gear from one of the planes fell through the roof of the existing building. This is not rude or insensitive, Dennis. It's SICK.
Richard S. wrote at 1:23 PM on Aug-02-2010:
This time capsule idea is excellent... Just don't let the environmental monkeys know about this project. They may try to force you to bury it one mile offshore and one mile down.
Grill_Sergeant wrote at 8:27 AM on Aug-02-2010:
Dennis, My family and I just made a visit to the Ronald Regan Presidential Library and it was beyond my expectations. It was an inspiring event for the whole family. Thanks for highlighting this special place. GS
James wrote at 2:51 AM on Aug-01-2010:
Maybe we should adopt an Iranian strategy to deal with illegal immigration: Hold them for a year then put them on trial as spies. Ya think the Dems would go for that?
Larry E. wrote at 9:42 AM on Jul-30-2010:
Hi Dennis -- That was Iron Eyes Cody who shed tears in the anti-pollution commercials. He was the son of Italian immigrants.
Robert Vancouver wrote at 8:32 AM on Jul-30-2010:
Greetings from Vancouver, Dennis. May I share with you that I woke up this morning, listened to the news for awhile and then realized I was insufficiently cynical. I shall correct that forthwith!
Richard wrote at 7:37 AM on Jul-30-2010:
Jan Brewer is showing TRUE leadership and should not be subjected to the razing from the Fed's of the press. Perhaps a simpler and more economical solution is to provide FREE bus tickets to any undocumented American to Washington DC,or any State that is in support of the Fed actions against Arizona. Force them deal with the problem.
Cat wrote at 7:13 AM on Jul-30-2010:
Props to you for having the Governess Brewer on the show! She is a hero in my eyes and for so many of us trying to secure our borders!
Steve wrote at 2:47 PM on Jul-29-2010:
Dennis, your Tweets crack me up, brother! Thanks for the laughs. Gawd! Is Pelosi awful or what???
Marcia wrote at 3:36 PM on Jul-28-2010:
Hey Dennis, did you hear about Navy vet Nicholas Przybyla who jumped into the East River to save a woman who fell off the ferry? He said "I've done the man overboard drill before". Adorable! These guys will save America!
Virginia S. wrote at 9:55 AM on Jul-28-2010:
Hi Dennis--My husband just informed me that you will be making an appearance at The Chicago Theatre in late September--YAHOO!!! We will definitely be there to see you!
Bernie wrote at 6:25 PM on Jul-27-2010:
Thanks for showing your support for Arizona, Dennis. Your voice is one of the most reasonable out there, and I'm just proud to have you on our side!
Mags wrote at 7:17 AM on Jul-27-2010:
So excited you're coming to AZ, Dennis! Thanks for your continued support of our great state!
Chip wrote at 7:03 AM on Jul-26-2010:
Dennis! My wife surprised me for my birthday this weekend with tickets to your Morristown show. I'm so excited to see your act, sir!
Larry E. wrote at 6:05 PM on Jul-25-2010:
No 100-year time capsule would be complete without a Dennis Miller Listening Fez.
osagebowler wrote at 8:46 PM on Jul-23-2010:
Just one still from THE WICKER MAN, displayed on the Bathrobe Session, is enough to give the creeps. Great movie.
Ed Fobben wrote at 9:03 AM on Jul-23-2010:
Long time fan. I look forward to seeing you in Morristown. Why don't you reach out to Chris Christie to come on the air or to come to your show. He lives near Morristown. He and his wife are great people. You should meet them.
PS: I would call in but your show is in the middle of my workday. If I ever get a day off I will call in. I am a physician with lots to say about Obamacare and other nonsense.
Larry E. wrote at 6:19 AM on Jul-22-2010:
I believe what Sherrod said THEN (on the tape) a lot more than anything she says now, after the fact. Such blatant race-baiting is cause enough for dismissal.
Sandy wrote at 8:55 AM on Jul-21-2010:
I really appreciate the way you got Breitbart on the show in real time. The way you are so dialed in is one of the things I love about your show!
George B. wrote at 7:08 AM on Jul-21-2010:
Dennis, what I really love about your show is the variety of guests. Keep up the good work!
Gary W. wrote at 6:43 AM on Jul-20-2010:
The more I think about the situation in Greece the more I think maybe we might need little a dose of that. There are still hard working people in Greece that go to work everyday in jobs that don't depend on the Government for success. I work in the oil field, so I'll be going to work every day if the Government sends out welfare checks or not.
John D. wrote at 1:03 AM on Jul-19-2010:
Gotta tell ya, your show is beyond the highlight of my day
Gary W. wrote at 5:01 AM on Jul-16-2010:
Just saw Janet "Frank Luntz" Napolitano. My God she is full of crap as a Christmas turkey, and dumb as a sack of hammers. The only thing anyone in this administration has done in the past has all been in theory. How is it that these people are at the helm of my country? Succession sounds better all the time, lucky for me I'm a Texan. Don't worry Dennis we have plenty of room.
Caryn wrote at 8:02 AM on Jul-15-2010:
Dennis, thanks for telling us about the iphone app. I plug my phone into my car speakers and listen to your show when I'm driving home from work! Best show on the radio!
Joke Chimp wrote at 8:00 AM on Jul-15-2010:
Love the Show
BTW Sinatra did record Mack the Knife in 1984 on
"LA is my Lady" album.
Richard F. wrote at 2:16 PM on Jul-14-2010:
Thanks for the e-mail heads up on my upcoming DMZ renewal charge. I will of course renew and part of the reason is you're a standup guy and you prove it with the opportunity to opt out before my card gets charged. Everywhere else it's like pulling teeth to get out of a subscription- try opting out of Girls Gone Wild or AOL. Rick
Speedzone wrote at 7:55 AM on Jul-14-2010:
Dennis, I believe Rachel Maddow's political ideology blocks her from understanding free market economics. That's why she said extending unemployment is the most stimulative thing we could do. She's another example that brain power and wisdom are not synonymous.
Roy wrote at 6:50 PM on Jul-13-2010:
Thank you for the new hat for my renewal subscription to the DMZ. There should be some real estate on the next version of the DMZ lid that says simply TTT or T-cubed, standing for TELL THE TRUTH, directed at the media elite of this country. Just a thought.
James wrote at 11:09 AM on Jul-13-2010:
Dennis, a feature I love about your show is your guests. Unlike with the 5 minute spots on Leno or Letterman, your listeners can really get a sense of, as you like to say, the cut of their jib.
Hank wrote at 7:05 AM on Jul-13-2010:
Dennis, you consistently have such interesting guests. I love they run the gamut from politicians to entertainers to historians to Gold Star parents. Keep up the good work! Love the show!
Scott wrote at 7:48 AM on Jul-12-2010:
Hey Dennis: Now that the World Cup is over, can we all stop pretending to care about soccer?
James wrote at 1:55 PM on Jul-11-2010:
Ever notice that whenever there's some kind of prisoner swap, the adversary always gets, at least in terms of numbers, the better end of the bargain? As in 10 spies for 4. As in 1,000 Palestinians for 1 Israeli. What's up with that?!
Speedzone wrote at 1:30 PM on Jul-10-2010:
Dennis, I believe Contessa Brewer is the quintessential leftist broadcaster/journalist in America. She's just the one who's witless enough to speak her mind.
Larry E. wrote at 11:32 AM on Jul-09-2010:
Hey Dennis -- a little-reported aspect of the Russian spy-swap deal, is we get a left-handed relief spy, to be named later.
oshri s. wrote at 1:24 PM on Jul-08-2010:
Hey Dennis, Please check out the video on "breitbart tv," called "We Con the World' Israeli Parody Video" Its a parody off 'we are the world', I think you will get a kick out of it, its real funny and sad, only because truer words have never been spoken (or sung).
Karyn wrote at 12:45 PM on Jul-08-2010:
Dennis: Loved your interview with Robert Klein. It was very affirming, knowing how far left he is, that you two were able to connect through comedy. Great stuff!!
Stan in CT wrote at 7:05 AM on Jul-08-2010:
Hey Dennis, What do you think about this deadline on the war? I think it's a very, very bad move.
Debbie Downer wrote at 5:08 AM on Jul-08-2010:
Dennis, I can't help but feel that all the doomsday meters are pointing to imminent danger. How are we supposed to sleep at night? Thanks for your show; it gets me through the (dooms)day!
Lynne B. wrote at 2:44 PM on Jul-07-2010:
Hi Dennis: Bing Crosby bumper music gave me an idea: Check out Linda Rostadt's (with Nelson Riddle) "What'll I do". Magic.
Ted wrote at 8:26 AM on Jul-07-2010:
Hey Dennis, I can think of at least one Muslim I'd like to see rocketed into space: Barack Hussein Obama!
Jay wrote at 7:04 AM on Jul-07-2010:
Dennis: I am apoplectic about the 7/11 deadline next year. The only thing a deadline does is make the enemy more bold.
Lisa wrote at 1:52 PM on Jul-06-2010:
Nick DiPaolo was hysterical! His humor's desperately needed, showcased with bits like "Pelosi Logic," "Gift-Giving Obama Style," "Harry Reid Wealth Building tips" (how to tax your kids' lemonade stand) or the ever entertaining "Czar-A-Week."
Rex wrote at 8:54 AM on Jul-06-2010:
There's nothing like coming back to a new Dennis Miller Show! Best show on radio - hands down.
Nancy wrote at 8:37 AM on Jul-06-2010:
Dennis: I love hearing your voice! Best show on the radio! Thank you!
Marcia wrote at 5:57 AM on Jul-06-2010:
Hey Dennis, regarding the "Path to Citizenship" - how many American employers of nannys and housekeepers who say they are "just like one of the family" would post a substantial bond and actually sponsor them? Just asking. Marsha, Philly
Deb wrote at 6:20 PM on Jul-05-2010:
Dennis, you are one of the only sane voices about this oil spill disaster in the media. Meawhile, we're going to run out of football players soon...
Speedzone wrote at 8:54 AM on Jul-05-2010:
Dennis, you've mentioned that Joan Jett is on your Mt. Rushmore of female rock 'n rollers. I just saw her in concert in Milwaukee. She played before a packed house and tore the place apart, as some would say. Her place on the Mt. is secure.
Douglas H. wrote at 11:13 AM on Jul-04-2010:
As we celebrate our 1776 Declaration of Independence from the British, I'm gonna be thinking about of all of those Americans and British (and others) who are pulling duty over in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are the best and the brightest.
Jackie wrote at 10:36 AM on Jul-02-2010:
Love you and love your show. God Bless the U.S. and God Bless the Dennis Miller Show!
Roy wrote at 8:56 AM on Jul-01-2010:
Even a die-hard Cubs fan like myself would consider wearing a Cardinals' lid if it supports Tony Larussa in any possible way.
Fran wrote at 8:55 AM on Jul-01-2010:
Thanks for having Baio on the show. It's always refreshing to hear from Hollywood conservatives!!
James wrote at 2:47 PM on Jun-29-2010:
Obama administration motto: "A-B-H. Always be hosing, since we lack the skill set."
Sally wrote at 11:15 AM on Jun-29-2010:
Hey Dennis! Love the show and LOVE the iPhone app! Keep up the good work!
osagebowler wrote at 7:48 PM on Jun-28-2010:
Dennis, I really appreciate the choice of Chattsworth Osbourne, Jr.(Tucker Carlson, to non-ditto heads), as this Monday's guest host. He's very good, a natural for radio, and good with callers.
Roy wrote at 9:06 AM on Jun-28-2010:
Quick question--will Sen. Byrd's body lie(lay?) in state within KKK headquarters before or after it does the same in the U.S. Capitol?
Gary W. wrote at 11:17 AM on Jun-27-2010:
I was raised to believe that the older you get the wiser you are. I am of the belief now that young nimrods turn into old nimrods, some just happen to be politicians.
James wrote at 4:43 PM on Jun-25-2010:
"I need wider powers!" Obama quote? Ken Salazar? Rahm? Nope, but might as well be. Actually, it was Mr. Wesley Mouch, thug bureaucrat and influence peddler (Atlas Shrugged). Just ordered myself a Shrugging shirt.
Barbara Gebhart wrote at 12:54 PM on Jun-25-2010:

I really think Christian is doing a great job as your side kick. The show runs smoother. Christian is quick and witty. I think the show is really improving. You have made it easy to download the shows. Happy Listener. Barbara Gebhart
ManChops wrote at 6:50 AM on Jun-25-2010:
Harry Reid's son, Rory, drops the use of his surname in hope to avoid any negative association with his controversial father. Why not go all out, Rory? Why not just change your legal name to Miley Cyrus and guarantee the tween vote?
Rob R., aka Speedzone wrote at 3:43 PM on Jun-24-2010:
I honestly believe that Obama and his crew have no clue that they're performing poorly regarding the BP oil spill. Honest self examination is just not on their radar. And, of course, an outsider's criticism means nothing to them. The whole liberal progressive community is only focused on how to use this tragedy for their political gain.
CU wrote at 11:16 AM on Jun-24-2010:
Sam the cooking guy- Books, food and girls; these are a few of my favorite things (not in that order). I sometimes order books of your guests and the Capn Crunch seared tuna sounded so good I decided to order both of Sam's books.
James wrote at 5:15 AM on Jun-24-2010:
Obama had no choice but to relieve Gen. McChrystal of his command. Civilian control of the US military is a core constitutional principle which must be observed regardless of who occupies the White House. McChrystal unsheathed his career seppuku sword when he granted the Rolling Stone reporter access to his HQ.
Ann Risler wrote at 1:16 PM on Jun-23-2010:
Bachelorette Crazy Kasey = Jessica Walter in Play Misty for Me.
ManChops wrote at 9:18 AM on Jun-23-2010:
Shatner delivers a speech like this, and he's labeled a bad actor. Obama delivers a speech like this, he's labeled a brilliant orator.
Laurence A. wrote at 7:24 PM on Jun-22-2010:
McChrystal should be fired because he voted for Obama and that shows poor judgment in a general officer.
Larry E. wrote at 8:56 AM on Jun-22-2010:
Obama refuses to tighten border security until he can get "comprehensive immigration reform" (Orwellian for "amnesty"). What kind of grifter is this guy, anyway?
Sandy wrote at 7:09 AM on Jun-22-2010:
Dennis: Every time I think your show has reached a new high, you outdo yourself! Great topics! Great guests! Great jokes!
Mr. Kim wrote at 2:50 AM on Jun-22-2010:
Dennis. Your Kung Fu is unorthodox.
Gary W. wrote at 11:39 PM on Jun-21-2010:
Being from the back woods of central Texas I would probably fall in the category of intolerant by most liberal standards. Intolerant of BS.
rick j. wrote at 3:34 PM on Jun-18-2010:
Rick J.
All this talk of leaving the country if things get any worse. My God, doesn't anybody fight for anything anymore.
Larry E. wrote at 7:57 AM on Jun-18-2010:
Inexperience is bad in high offices. We stopped Harriet Miers from getting on the Supreme Court, but we couldn't keep Obama out of the Oval Office. He's the Harriet Miers of presidents.
Larry E. wrote at 8:53 AM on Jun-17-2010:
I totally agree with Dennis -- that woman richly deserved a punch in the snoot. (So did the other woman.) What are they -- immune from police action? Maybe next time a cop stops someone in that town, the perp won't shove the cop and form an unruly mob. Sheesh!
Roy wrote at 6:01 AM on Jun-17-2010:
When Robert Reich starts criticizing BHO (criticizing his Oval speech) it means that even the tiniest rats are now jumping the ship.
Kenny wrote at 3:00 PM on Jun-15-2010:
Dennis, I had to chuckle at your attempt to pronounce the Chickasaw Nation. It's a great organization to work for and most that I know prefer to be called Indians not Native Americans.
Gary W. wrote at 8:59 PM on Jun-14-2010:
Oil is responsible for the largest improvement in quality and length of life since fire. How long do you think it was until a generation of cave men, who had fire all their life, complained about the smoke and ashes.
Marcia wrote at 12:25 PM on Jun-14-2010:
Hey Dennis, you can easily tell that Congressman Bob Etheridge is loaded or stoned, er...whoops, I mean suffering from a tragic addiction. I always suspected the watercooler in the Capitol cloakroom was filled with equal parts viagra and bourbon.
Bob from New Haven wrote at 6:08 AM on Jun-11-2010:
I do not believe the President or anybody in his administration caused or rooted for this spill, but to paraphrase an oft repeated adage; you hate to waste a good tragedy.
Jack Flintstone wrote at 2:17 PM on Jun-10-2010:
I write now to say how great the show is with Christian as your wingman! He is the perfect Giligan to your Skipper.
Douglas H. wrote at 11:47 AM on Jun-09-2010:
This Helen Thomas mess was a complete misunderstanding. Helen intended to make those comments at the White House as part of a testimonial dinner for Reverend Wright.
James wrote at 9:46 AM on Jun-09-2010:
Reading about the death of a Mexican teenager at the border brought to mind the following thoughts: Once again, we see the tragic consequences of an immigration non-policy driven by politics rather than common sense.
Jeff from Cleveland wrote at 7:33 AM on Jun-09-2010:
Let's divert the illegal border traffic over towards the gulf coast and pay those folks to do some of that oil clean up. They could complete their Applications for US Citizenship on the busses and then go home with a few bucks in their pockets to wait for processing.
osagebowler wrote at 7:35 PM on Jun-08-2010:
I don't know how a radio show can progress from great to even better in three hours, but you just did. All nail and no thumb, you guys.
Larry E. wrote at 8:02 AM on Jun-08-2010:
So what does that make Helen Thomas? The world's oldest "nasty piece of work"?
osagebowler wrote at 7:02 PM on Jun-07-2010:
Great show at the club in Elgin! Reminds me of Bob Hope radio performances with studio audiences.
Speedzone wrote at 10:02 PM on Jun-06-2010:
Heard you mention your good friend Martin Short and his stellar performance on Damages. To me nothing is more impressive - inspiring - than seeing a comic genius do an unexpected genius dramatic turn. Hope he wins an Emmy.
Gary W. wrote at 11:31 AM on Jun-05-2010:
Are we sure the guys on the flotilla were Turkish and not some misinformed Mexicans expecting a pinata party. Talk about unknowing patsies.
Sullysan wrote at 10:13 AM on Jun-05-2010:
Howdy "D":
Since the Israel's navel blockade of Gaza is intended to keep weapons and building supplies--which could be used against them for war--from getting through, does that make them ant-cementic?
rabbit wrote at 4:14 PM on Jun-04-2010:
I'm a little disappointed in Sir Paul McCartney after his snide comment about George Bush during the Gershwin Prize ceremony at the White House. I'd burn my Paul McCartney CD's in protest, but I don't own any.
Douglas H. wrote at 9:03 AM on Jun-03-2010:
Hey Dennis,
How many Gitmo detainees would it take to plug the leaking old pipe in the gulf ?
Timothy R. wrote at 8:42 AM on Jun-03-2010:
Really? Really? We STILL can't stop the oil spill? Come on, James Cameron, give us your idea! Maybe he can "junk shot" the hole with a bunch of his Avatar dvd's :)
Gary W. wrote at 6:40 AM on Jun-02-2010:
As many times as we have killed the number 3 terrorist in Al-Qaeda, it seems like that is a lot like the guy with the off colored uniform that would go with Kirk and Spock. Not a long term position.
osagebowler wrote at 9:01 PM on Jun-01-2010:
The comentary on Churchill is much appreciated. At the beginning of Winston Churchill's narrative, THE SECOND WORLD WAR, is the moral of the work; "In War: resolution. In defeat: defiance. In victory: magnanimity. In peace: good will."
Douglas H. wrote at 9:54 AM on Jun-01-2010:
Hey Dennis...with all this global warming, guess we discovered the only place cooling down: Al & Tipper's home.
AvgDude wrote at 9:02 AM on May-31-2010:
I'm just curious. Where are all the Hollywood fundraisers to "help the people" of the Gulf Coast? Shouldn't there be a non-stop line of Hollywood stars on TV everyday mocking the President for not being an omnipotent god who can solve this problem in a matter of days? Why hasn't Kanye West accused Obama of hating Cajun people?
David D. wrote at 11:54 PM on May-30-2010:
So on the latest episode of Geraldo At Large, Juan Williams, almost at random, comes up with a statistic that 5,000 illegal Irish immigrants are currently living in New York. Awesome Juan, what should we do about it? Maybe build a moat? Maybe a little shark action? I'm down with that.
Fred S. wrote at 5:11 PM on May-29-2010:
Hey Dennis: When you were asking about Michael Vick someone called in and said the only "unforgivable sin" was suicide. I immediately thought of the MA high school girl who was subjected to cyber-bullying to the extent she felt killing herself was her only way out. I can't believe that my God would further punish this poor girl with eternal damnation. If Vick gets to heaven and that girl doesn't, I'll pass on heaven.
Roy wrote at 8:09 AM on May-28-2010:
Nice to see that one of former NJ Governor Corzine's acts now that he is back in private industry is to initiate immediate layoffs. If he had done that as Governor, maybe the state of NJ wouldn't be on its way to bankruptcy. You can't make this stuff up.
Ryan Morthland wrote at 7:49 AM on May-28-2010:
Dennis, watched your HBO comedy special "All In" last night. Absolutely hilarious!! I had to rewind the SEE ALICE! part three times and still woke up this morning laughing. Now that's the best way to wake up! Thanks Dennis!
Richard T. wrote at 4:02 AM on May-28-2010:
Dennis, how about Fats Domino's The Fat Man as lead in for Chris Christie rants?
Robert (Vancouver) wrote at 9:16 AM on May-27-2010:
Greetings from Honolulu, Dennis. I'm visiting from Vancouver for a month, but have quickly grasped the tone of things over here. The recent election of Republican Charles Djou is making the Dems absolutely apoplectic! It's a BEAUTIFUL thing to watch!!! Robert
Mark in NH wrote at 8:26 AM on May-27-2010:
Dennis, New Hampshire once again honors our troops: http://www.seacoastonline.com/articles/20100527-NEWS-5270414

I've taken my daughter to a few of these, and there's never a dry eye in the house.
Suzie-Q wrote at 7:06 AM on May-27-2010:
Dennis! Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your segments on O'Reilly. "Miller Time" is the highlight of my week.
Tom B. wrote at 7:04 AM on May-27-2010:
Thanks for having Adam Carolla on the show. I loved listening to two of my favorite comedic minds, just hanging. Great stuff, man!
George in CT wrote at 1:10 PM on May-26-2010:
Dennis, you are so right. Who'da though Big Brother would be watching us? And he's a lib!
Sullysan wrote at 5:51 AM on May-26-2010:
Big "D": Smokin' interview w/Laura the film producer. Quite engaging. She neglected to recognize the fact that over 350,000 Iraqi Kurds--that we know of--were summarily slaughtered by Saddam and Co. Not to mention the systematic genocide of the Shia in the south who rose up against the regime after Bush the elder broke camp.
Dan G. wrote at 8:30 AM on May-23-2010:
Thank You Dennis, Your show is a great 'Care Pack' on our Mp3 players here in the AOR, Afghanistan. I love the format/line up of great guests. You cover so many subjects and viewpoints with your guests. I really begin to know them more everyday Thanks, Dan
Daniel H. wrote at 12:02 AM on May-23-2010:
Though I'm not from Arizona (yet), thank you for continually pleading their case. Their Guv is a standup gal. Furthermore: Your common-sense POV, gut-busting humor, and continual exercise of the King's English make my daily trudge to work (from Ojai to Goleta) a bearable experience. Thanks for quelling my pain.
Dan H.
Gregory T. wrote at 10:51 PM on May-21-2010:
Hey Dennis,
How come no one in the media says to the U.S. Attorney General when he says he hasn't read the AZ law that "Ignorance of the law is no excuse. You sir, should know that better than anyone.
If you don't know that, how are you even remotely qualified for this position?"
Andre A. wrote at 9:47 PM on May-21-2010:
Dennis, you ripped up the road with your interview with the film maker Laura Poitras. Frankly, she didn't seem too bright. You handled it like a true class act.
Marcia wrote at 2:37 PM on May-21-2010:
Hey Dennis, did you see SEIU protesting outside the Maryland home of a really mean attorney for BofA? He wasn't home, but his teenager was in there by himself. Read Nina Easton's writeup in Fortune - she lives on the same block. Where's the outrage about this? Unfreakanbelievable!!
Larry E. wrote at 8:41 AM on May-21-2010:
Hey Dennis, what the Hell's a "duvet"? For that matter, what's a "sham"? Clue us in, so we can understand the White Sale ads from now on.
Dave wrote at 7:50 AM on May-21-2010:
Dennis, thanks so much for hipping me to all the great flicks on Turner Classic Movies. I have tomorrow's TiVO set to tape THE NATURAL and THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME thanks to you, two of my favorite movies!!!
Marcia wrote at 4:35 AM on May-20-2010:
Hi Dennis. I heard you speaking with the woman whose father was killed in a chopper in Vietnam, then the 1957 Annapolis Navy cadet who called in. No other talk show host would have or could have reacted with such sympathy and respect. You are a sweetie.
Sullysan wrote at 9:16 AM on May-19-2010:
Greets Gator: I follow your one of your fav Chi-town chefs, Rick Bayless, via twitter. He was tweetin' from the White House kitchen -- where he is the guest chef for the state dinner-- and Obama's boys shut him down. What up wit dat?
ckeh wrote at 6:11 AM on May-19-2010:
I cringed when I heard that tiny-voiced man apologizing about Arizona to the Chinese. OH MY! I have lived in Asia most of my adult life (nearly 30 years now). His bringing up Arizona 'often' is simply embarrassing. The Chinese will read this as naive and childish. Embarrassing. This is NOT what to do or say. Ugh-lee American indeed!
David D. wrote at 10:03 AM on May-18-2010:
Direct quote from the AP article concerning Afghanistan: "In recent days, Gul, the chief of the district clerical council, had stressed the importance "peace and stability" across Afghanistan. No one claimed responsibility, but insurgents are known to target those who oppose their extreme interpretation of Islam" - NO, REALLY!?
Kathy in NH wrote at 7:00 AM on May-18-2010:
Hi Dennis: Thanks so much for having David Horowitz on the show - and for three segments! I sure love me some D-Ho!
Karen P. wrote at 12:48 PM on May-15-2010:
Dennis: Have you seen this clip of Governor Christie castigating Tom Moran for being 'thin-skinned?" All I have to say is that maybe he can run for Governor of TX when he's done straightening out NJ.
Larry E. wrote at 8:50 AM on May-14-2010:
L.A.'s boycott of Arizona shows us once again the difference: Arizona is known for buttes, and L.A. is known for butts.
Russell G. wrote at 3:47 AM on May-14-2010:
I saw on O'reilly that ALGORE is gonna be your new neighbor. Is that considered a An Inconvenient Truth?
Stacy E. wrote at 8:35 AM on May-13-2010:
This is for everyone, not just Dennis: Here is a website that talks about products made in, or in support of, Arizona:

Judy from AZ wrote at 7:22 AM on May-13-2010:
These Arizona boycotts are getting to be more ridiculous and infuriating! People just don't get it! Thanks for your continued support of our beautiful state, Dennis!!!!
eric spero wrote at 3:48 PM on May-12-2010:
If you want to see Duran Duran on display in a movie thats a little off the beaten path then check out "Layer Cake" featuring Daniel Craig. A nice Brit gangster flick compliments of Matt Vaughn. You will likely ALWAYS remember the scene when Duran's "Ordinary World" makes it appearance:)
Ann Risler wrote at 11:19 AM on May-12-2010:
Hi, Dennis. You brought up the "dour" pronunciation issue again recently. On Merriam-Webster online, there are two accepted pronunciations given. Not sure why Edwin Newman gets to be the arbiter of such things. Don't get me wrong, admire him, but he, too, is just man.
osagebowler wrote at 6:51 PM on May-11-2010:
If I ever tire of Ann Coulter, I'll know I'm losing it. She's the most reliable litmus test for conservatives. What a doll!
Gary W. wrote at 5:24 AM on May-11-2010:
Never trust a terrorist that takes his Islamic name while listening to Snoop Dog. Foshizzle Foshizzle Shizzod.
James wrote at 6:10 PM on May-10-2010:
I had no idea that neither the PlayStation nor Xbox can empower or emancipate me. What a buzzkill!
Steven K. wrote at 5:00 PM on May-10-2010:
T minus 985 days remaining in President Barack Hussein Obama's tenure as head COMMUNITY ORGANIZER of the United States of America . (period)
Harvey wrote at 9:54 AM on May-10-2010:
I'm with you, Dennis! Amazing Race was such a let down!
Douglas H. wrote at 12:22 AM on May-10-2010:
Hey Dennis:
Elena Kagen and Frank Lutz.
Separated at Birth?
Larry E. wrote at 7:35 AM on May-07-2010:
The Unabrow bomber had a box of fertilizer in the car, but it wasn't the type that can explode. In fact, it was a box of cow manure, and nobody knows why Unabrow thought that would explode.
Jennifer wrote at 3:38 AM on May-07-2010:
Check out a documentary done by Frontline in 2002, one year after 911, called "Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero." Rabbi Hirschfield is interviewed on it. Wonderful man! Fascinating interviews of Muslims, Atheists, Christians, Jews are intertwined throughout.
Clint H. wrote at 5:37 PM on May-06-2010:
I'd like to know how many millions of dollars are being spent by the Feds for those highway signs advertising "The America Recovery Act"? Maybe they could can the billboards and fix a few Potholes!
Lisa wrote at 1:12 PM on May-06-2010:
You can put a taco inside a burrito but then it becomes a baracko and the result is an overhyped contrivance. BTW, can you please leave Tom Selleck's picture up for, like, ever?
Grill_Sergeant wrote at 5:15 AM on May-06-2010:
"Good fences make good neighbors." but...
"Electric fences makes them enter through the gate."

Shooter wrote at 7:56 PM on May-05-2010:
I'm a die hard Colorado Rockies fan, but I'm going to wear an Arizona Diamondback hat for a while.
John K. wrote at 6:33 PM on May-05-2010:
Dennis! So glad you're on the Right side of the common sense world, man. The Mark Twain of the verbal word in modern times.
Douglas H. wrote at 6:14 PM on May-05-2010:
You asked "Can you put a taco inside of a burrito?"
Me thinks that is a Mexican stand-off.
Jennifer wrote at 2:58 PM on May-05-2010:
Hey Dennis,
I'm from the San Fran area originally and worked for Catholic Charities after college. I remember illegal immigrants working for slave wages, living 15 or more in a studio apartment (the lucky ones), whole families with children sleeping under bridges,etc. What the left misses in their reactionary stance towards the AZ law is that closing the boarder will stop the continual plight of exploited immigrants. Stopping illegal immigration is the loving thing to do!
Larry E. wrote at 11:32 AM on May-05-2010:
Dennis threw in the name "Elizabeth Ashley" in passing. A great blast from the past. I always loved her smoky, sultry voice.
Bob from New Haven wrote at 5:02 PM on May-04-2010:
I don't know what's happened to our country. Our culture is becoming more classless every day; moral relativism and PC taints almost everything, illegals are coming across the border and too many are looking the other way. Our President is as thin skinned, arrogant and disingenuous as a man can be, and too many in his camp seem to think everyone is a racist and no one is a terrorist. To paraphrase our First Lady, for the first time in my adult life I am not proud of our country.
Ben from AZ wrote at 6:42 AM on May-04-2010:
Hey Dennis! Thanks so much for your continued support of our great state of Arizona! We have a lot to offer here and we appreciate you sticking up for us!
David D. wrote at 1:27 PM on May-02-2010:
I have trouble turning down a beer. Especially when I offer one to myself.
Grill_Sergeant wrote at 7:37 AM on May-02-2010:
I'm an avid listener and have been encouraged by you at the DMZ. "When it's good, you must recognize it. Well, here is some good news.
Obama will donate $250,000 of the Nobel Peace Prize money to help build a Fisher House to help support the families of fallen service members.
Grill, waiting for November, Sergeant
Frankfurt, Germany
rabbit wrote at 3:53 PM on May-01-2010:
Re: Al Gore's new digs. When I learned of your new neighbor's 'environmentally challenged' new home, it brought to mind a quote by the English philosopher Francis Bacon on hypocrisy: A bad man is worse when he pretends to be a saint.
Mike the Hun wrote at 3:17 PM on May-01-2010:
Hey Dennis, Good news, Al & Tipper Gore moved down the street from you in Montecito !! They're having an open house next Earth Day....be in shape because you have to take a turn on the lifecycle to power the margarita blender !!
Fred Steffan wrote at 2:44 PM on May-01-2010:
Dennis, I was glad my recent trip to Vegas coincided with your appearance at the Orleans Casino. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the show!
Richard A. wrote at 9:13 AM on May-01-2010:
Dennis, thanks so much for your staff fixing the system so I could finally subscribe from Estonia. We're south of Finland, way too close to Russia, and we can use as many laughs as we can get.
Burt wrote at 6:57 AM on Apr-30-2010:
If you watch the original Bad News Bears, it is the least politically-correct movie ever made. I wonder what Kelly Leak thinks of the remake. The Bears lost their edge to political correctness!
Steve wrote at 6:47 AM on Apr-29-2010:
Dennis, thanks so much for the iPhone app. It rocks!
Larry E. wrote at 4:25 PM on Apr-28-2010:
Dennis asks, "Who leaves home without any ID?" Well, all those guys I see on "Cops," for one . . .
Timothy R. wrote at 2:41 PM on Apr-28-2010:

The above link is Sting and his wife sending out an S.O.S. about global warming. Argggg...Dennis, he is calling you and all the global warming skeptics (myself included) "People who jump out of the 20th floor of a hotel, telling others that everything is going to be all right for the 1st 19 floors of decent"....

They must feel "so lo-lo-lonely!"
osagebowler wrote at 7:22 PM on Apr-27-2010:
Dennis, Christian, Sabes, all the guests and callers: Thanks for a swingin', singin' romp of a great show! My gut is tired from laughing, thudded with a femur bone.
Speedzone wrote at 11:52 AM on Apr-27-2010:
Dennis, I've heard you mention that you're a Scorpio. I was a Scorpio for a while, but it didn't work out. Actually, they threw me out; I draw the line at heroin. Their loss.
Larry E. wrote at 9:26 AM on Apr-27-2010:
Moral of the on-flight incident: if you're an Arab or middle-Eastern looking person, it's not a good idea to hold a Chinese fire drill on an airplane in flight.
Larry E. wrote at 9:19 AM on Apr-27-2010:
Dennis asks, Is it stupid to give a house to someone who makes the down-payment with an unemployment check? Yes, but affirmative action is always stupid. And that's what the whole sub-prime housing debacle was about -- the government ordered banks to allocate mortgages on an affirmative-action basis. The media won't say that, but when you read about "closing the gap in home-ownership among races," you see what was really on the legislators' minds.
Del Mar Doug wrote at 4:06 PM on Apr-26-2010:
Enjoyed the Shatner interview. You mentioned the Horse Boy book about the autistic child. I had the opportunity to the boy's father speak a few weeks ago at a fundraiser. His name is Rupert Isaacson. He would make an excellent guest on your show. The sacrifices he made for his son and the resulting progress his boy made in Mongolia is an incredible story. We can't give all the pub to the Michael Lohans of the world.
Sullysan wrote at 1:24 PM on Apr-25-2010:
Ted Neeley was here in Cosmo(Fort)Collins last night rockin' the house w/JCS. Dude still has a most excellent set of pipes. I was inspired to attend after hearing your interview w/him several moons ago.
eric spero wrote at 5:42 AM on Apr-24-2010:
Dennis- you got an honorable mention on Hannity last night- they had a clip from your interview with Cheney when you gave him proppers for lighting up Leahey. You are turning into a bona fide world shaker amigo Also please allow me to compliment you on the fine riffing of Mr. DC Douglas- I nearly wrecked my car I was laughing so hard!
Karl Zahn wrote at 6:16 PM on Apr-23-2010:
In New Hampshire we are updating our State motto from "Live Free or Die" to "Live Free or Die..But Not From Too Much Salt". This change, of course, will require larger license plates...
Billy B. wrote at 5:57 PM on Apr-23-2010:
Best Shatner roll was himself in the movie Fan-boys
Del Mar Doug wrote at 3:05 PM on Apr-23-2010:
I notice you have Shat in the on deck circle for Monday. Interesting cat. Question for him: What's been your most lucrative engagement? Star Trek, Denny Crane, Priceline pitchman or his CD of songs "Transformed Man?"
Also, at what point do you believe Boston Legal jumped the shark? No offense to Happy Days but BL got there a lot quicker.
Larry E. wrote at 9:40 AM on Apr-23-2010:
Let's have a Boston Salt Party, and dump big sacks of salt down all those federally-mandated toilets that don't flush right, and back them all up.
Gary W. wrote at 8:24 AM on Apr-23-2010:
Salt has went from payment to Roman soldiers to being banned by the government. We have come half circle.
Marcia wrote at 6:34 AM on Apr-23-2010:
So now even South Park has been censored to bleep the name of Moh*******d for fear of Jihad. There, I said it:
Moh*******d! Moh********d! Moh********d!
Gregory T. wrote at 9:42 PM on Apr-22-2010:
The government already requires manufacturers to list the ingredients and RDAs on the labels of their products to enable us to make informed decisions. Do they not realize that by taking actual control of the ingredients, i.e. salt, they are making a bold statement about the effectiveness of their government-controlled educational system in that we are too stupid to understand the labels?
osagebowler wrote at 7:36 PM on Apr-22-2010:
Thanks for having Mr. Cheney on the show. I trust the man more than anyone I've seen in public life since Ronald Reagan.
Some may have forgotten his leadership role in the first Gulf
War. He made a lasting impression on my view of American foreign policy then, and I believe no one has served this country more devotedly in our time.
Douglas H. wrote at 4:51 PM on Apr-22-2010:
Dennis - Is Mel Kiper, Jr. the Albert Einstein of NFL draft analysis ... or is Albert Einstein the Mel Kiper, Jr. of Physics?
rabbit wrote at 3:56 PM on Apr-22-2010:
I share your distaste for the word "but". It is that magical word which allows its user to simultaneously acknowledge and ignore everything that precedes it.
jason stallings wrote at 12:21 PM on Apr-22-2010:
Dennis, just to clear up some confusion for you and your listeners, You don't need to be a Hippy to make love to Our Great Earth, you just need to be a little creepy...
Speedzone wrote at 10:33 AM on Apr-22-2010:
Thanks for the tip on Yahoo's search engine. It makes Google look like something from the 20th Century, which by golly, it is!
Gary F. wrote at 9:13 AM on Apr-22-2010:
Thank you for letting me vent, Dennis. I'm just about at the boiling point over the government intruding into my personal choices. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna drink a quadruple caffeine espresso, worship an alien civilization, and eat a whole cherry pie. This is what makes me happy and MY constitution says I'm allowed to pursue it, so food police, say hello to my liddle friend, a double-barreled salt shaker.

Gary in Laguna Niguel
AmerAmy wrote at 6:23 AM on Apr-22-2010:
Great quote attributed to John Wayne.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher if you're stupid."

rabbit wrote at 4:26 PM on Apr-21-2010:
Rush had a great description of Joe Biden today when he said: "Biden's as dumb as a box of Bidens."
Larry E. wrote at 8:30 AM on Apr-21-2010:
Geez, all these people calling in, and they're fine with government making regulations about how much salt restaurants can use... They're calling in with lame comments about thyroid condition and iodine and yadda yadda yadda .. Who knew there were so many feeble-minded, lame-brained sheep in this country? Everybody who wants to defend this, just call up and go "Baaa! Baaa! Baaa!" That's the proper remark for sheep.
Dan wrote at 7:40 AM on Apr-21-2010:
Now the government wants to monitor my salt intake. I'm simultaneously stockpiling product and dumping my Morton's stock.
Jennifer wrote at 3:02 PM on Apr-20-2010:
Hey Dennis,
My undergraduate degree is in mathematics with a minor in physics but my Ph.D. Is in theology. I currently teach a collegiate interdisciplinary course on the natural sciences and theology. If you are interested in the interaction between faith and science concerning evolution, check out G.K. Chesterton's "Orthodoxy."
Fard wrote at 9:27 AM on Apr-20-2010:
There was a caller who kept referring to the demographics of the Tea Party movement. The demographics of the Tea Party movement are somewhat the same as the country at large.
Larry E. wrote at 9:01 AM on Apr-20-2010:
About the sign one caller saw, "Cut consumption, not foreskin" -- I'll take a stab at what that can possibly mean. As Rush Limbaugh and others have said, ALL LEFT-WING CAUSES ARE RELATED. The same people who protest the war, throw bricks through windows at G-8 summits. The same people who fervently believe in global warming, fervently believe "9/11 was an inside job." The same people who believe the U.S. consumes too much of the Earth's resources believe circumcision is a bourgeois affectation, or an unnatural phenomenon, or a plot of the military-industrial complex, or something. All looney-tunes left-wing causes are intrinsically connected to one another.
Timothy R. wrote at 8:14 AM on Apr-20-2010:
A pitch for the Joe Dirt sequel:
"Joe Dirt goes to Washington"

Joe Dirt heads east looking for his long lost brother who took his lucky rat tail during their childhood. Finds himself in the middle of a tea party rally yelling "Barry" (Barry Dirt is his brother's name). Joe tells people along the way that "Barry" stole something important from him and he wants it back. Joe ends up being questioned by NBC News (as they want to use him to portray the movement). Joe Dirt has a Joe the Plummer moment captivating the world, unknowingly leading the tea party, and having his own Fox show:)

Tim Rochman
O'fallon, IL
PJT wrote at 8:13 AM on Apr-20-2010:
to Marcia - perfect pitch and tone - As the Brit's would say - and the Yanks should say - "Hear Hear"
Jennifer wrote at 2:25 PM on Apr-19-2010:
Hey Dennis, I think you are right about the Republicans taking the House in November. However,the Senate is a stretch (at least this time). Real Clear Politics had a great analysis on midterm elections last week -- tracing its history back to the 1870's (when it became standard). Only twice before did the factors line up as they are this time, each with 100 plus swing resulting. Who knows?
Marcia wrote at 6:24 AM on Apr-18-2010:
It's nice to know the international IQ has leveled to the point that Brit's at Dulles Airport and Yank's at Heathrow sound the same "I've been trying to call the airlines, but they either don't answer or say there's nothing they can do".
It's a volcanic eruption, from a volcano, with volcanic ash spewing, FROM A VOLCANO!!!!
Mark J. wrote at 12:46 PM on Apr-16-2010:
Regarding Prez. Obama's desire to see Mars is a bit puzzling to me since it is so obvious that the man "lives" on Mars with respect to his distant approach to Practical Earth policy. It would have been much more encouraging to hear him acknowledge an interest in seeing Planet Earth with it's many wonders...
William E. wrote at 6:58 PM on Apr-15-2010:
The Obama family made over 9 mil last year. Surely the charity coffers overflow with their largess.
Christopher S. wrote at 6:55 PM on Apr-15-2010:
Obama said today while visiting NASA that he expects to see Mars. I'm sure that there were plenty of NASA workers present who would love to launch Obama into outer space. While many Americans would love to send the President to Mars, the voters will get a chance to launch Harry Reed and the Pelosicrats out of Washington in November. That group has the Wrong Stuff!
Larry E. wrote at 11:03 AM on Apr-14-2010:
Dennis explained Obama's animosity towards Israel by saying, "Sometimes really smart people adapt contrarian views because they think it makes them look singular." Or as Ogden Nash said, "Here's a good rule of thumb -- too clever is dumb."
Lynne B. wrote at 1:54 PM on Apr-13-2010:
2 hour dental work? NITROUS.
osagebowler wrote at 6:02 AM on Apr-13-2010:
Home doing tax, and live streaming. It's the best of times and the worst of times.
Rhonda Keith wrote at 5:39 PM on Apr-12-2010:
I just finished reading Son of Hamas. Thank you so much for having Mosab Hassan Yousef on. He is an admirable man. I hope you have him on again when you can spend more time with him.
Douglas H. wrote at 9:35 AM on Apr-11-2010:
...from the news: Beached whale near death on EastHampton shore

... I expect a special this week on whale burgers at Kwok Brothers...
Anthony J. D. wrote at 2:16 PM on Apr-09-2010:
Dennis, I am usually a "laugh in my head" type of a guy, but you have always made me laugh out loud ! I think that you, Don Rickles, and Rupert Pupkin are my top three favorite comedians !

Oops I almost forgot ! Throw Jim Gaffigan into that mix also .

Speaking of Don Rickles, how sad is it that so many Tonight Shows (with Johnny Carson ),were eventually taped over and lost forever ?

tony .
Bill in CSprings wrote at 12:02 PM on Apr-09-2010:
Now that Blago has been fired from Celebrity Apprentice, he has plenty of time to help Obama broker a deal for Justice Stevens seat.
Bill Magyar wrote at 5:37 PM on Apr-08-2010:
Dennis -

Long time listener and first time comment. Had to write when I heard your comments on the new NIKE/Tiger Woods commercial on 4/08 with Tiger's Dad's "words-of-wisdom" voice over. You didn't seem to know what to make of it.

As a husband and father of 2, I see it like this. It's pretty simple:

To cheat on your wife and family, not once but several times, is egregious.

To use your own father's voice and instruction in a NIKE ad to restore your commercial acceptance with the public is despicable.

Tiger should be ashamed. Don't exploit your father's wisdom and teaching in a commercial to restore your own reputation for financial gain.

Bill M.
Monroe, CT
Darryl S. wrote at 8:32 AM on Apr-07-2010:
"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors". Plato

Nancy, Harry, Barack

Q. E. D.
gerry p. wrote at 7:52 AM on Apr-07-2010:
Dennis your show on monday made me proud to be a hoosier. Although I now live in Michigan, I am always proud of my home state. When something like the final four happens, I want to be back there. You took me back there and I thank you.
Douglas H. wrote at 6:03 AM on Apr-07-2010:
Dennis...have you tried the new KFC Double Down Sandwich...the perfect sandwich for the era of universal healthcare.
TODD W. wrote at 2:07 PM on Apr-06-2010:
Check out "Morning Joe" where Arianna Huffington is lit up by, first, Joe Scarsborough and then Rudi Guilliani. Reminds me of when Roger Ailes lit her up on "This Week". When is the left going to learn that just because they forget something that happended last week, the rest of us don't!
Sullysan wrote at 1:48 PM on Apr-06-2010:
Spade dropped the "Let's light this candle!" line in a scene from the Oliver Hudson sit-com "Rules of Engagement" you guys were talkin' 'bout on Monday --which aired that same night. No doubt in homage to you big "D".
Jennifer wrote at 11:47 AM on Apr-06-2010:
Dennis -- thanks for making my office hours entertaining! I'm a professor in religion (wrote in 3/30)and listen to your taped show in the afternoons. I show "A Man for All Seasons" frequently in my classes. Robert Bolt also wrote "The Mission" -- a true story about Jesuits in South America during the colonial period. It was made into film starring Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons (1980's). Check it out if you have not yet seen it.
Dr. Jennifer, Milwaukee
Larry E. wrote at 9:31 AM on Apr-06-2010:
Obama's feelings weren't hurt by being booed at the ball game. He's shown he doesn't care what the American people think.
Robert (Vancouver) wrote at 7:09 AM on Apr-06-2010:
Welcome Back, Dennis.

As a former mining engineer, my heart goes out to the families of the poor miners who died in West Virginia.

Robert W.
Vancouver, BC
Brian H. wrote at 10:12 PM on Apr-05-2010:
Who loves ya, baby!
Wow. Doesn't seem that long ago I was in college, and before heading out to the party would watch you do the news on SNL.

Then graduated, got a job, met someone, subscribed to HBO, loved your specials.

Then 20 years passed. Haven't been able to catch the radio show but had to join DMZ. Some of the best money I've spent this year.

Keep punching em.

Brian S H
rabbit wrote at 4:15 PM on Apr-05-2010:
Is there any better testament to how well-written and air-tight the U.S. constitution is than the fact that liberal representatives like Phil Hare of Illinois feel they have to ignore it in order to pass health care reform?
Martha A. wrote at 2:35 PM on Apr-05-2010:
Dennis, Love the show from Indy. My parents grew up there in the 50's. My mom went to infamous game in '54 which Hoosiers was based on (she must have told me the story 100 times). Thank you for being there and cheering on Butler. My dad and Aunt went to Butler and my Grandfather was a professor of Astronomy and Geometry. I almost went there but chose Ball State down the road in Muncie. My parents are both deceased and this game tonight means a lot to me. I have been so emotional all day and your show almost put me over the edge.

Also want to give a shout out to Christian. He's doing a great job.

Thank you.
osagebowler wrote at 6:46 AM on Apr-05-2010:
There is a plan to dig a new ditch the next time the Rio Grande dries up and move the border farther south, as part of the coming Immigration Reform Bill. Barack said there were 57 states, and by golly that's what we're going to have
Andrew H. wrote at 5:28 PM on Apr-03-2010:
Since Congressman Johnson is able to determine how many people it will take to capsize an island...I wonder if he is also able to determine how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?!
Ghengis Ken wrote at 11:10 AM on Apr-03-2010:
Just caught your BRS where you spoke about "A Man For All Seasons" and your desire to know more about actor Paul Scofield. There's a great homage made shortly after his death in 2008 on U-Tube, six parts, 60-minutes total, which proves that the integrity Scofield communicated in his roles was not acting... it was him, through and through. Plus, check out Scofield's "King Lear" (1970), in which he reprises his RSC stage role, lauded by Laurence Olivier as "the greatest performance of Shakespeare I've ever seen." A knockout. Cheers!
Scott B. wrote at 8:55 AM on Apr-02-2010:
8000 to "tip over" Guam. So how many illegals streaming across the Southern border will it take until the U.S. tips over?
Lynne B. wrote at 8:03 AM on Apr-02-2010:
re: alarm clock

The cheaper, the better.

For example, go to Walmart or its ilk and get one for around $10. Bettery operated, 1 or 2 AAs.

Nothing fancy...just a relentless little beep.
Fred Steffan wrote at 10:49 AM on Mar-31-2010:
Hey Dennis! Just read about the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ordering Albert Snyder, father of a fallen Marine to pay $17k to the nuts at the Westboro Baptist "Church" in Topeka who had picketed his son's funeral. I'd like to see a Shun List dedicated to these jerks. Where do they work? How do they raise money? Where did they get the lawyer to represent them, and who does he do business with? Maybe your listeners in Topeka can help out.
Brendan R. wrote at 5:00 AM on Mar-31-2010:
Dennis From the blue skies of New Mexico I wish you a happy opening weekend of baseball season I can't wait for a some minor league ball a cold beer and a dog along with the sounds of the wood hitting the hardball... Is there anything better that triggers memories of the good old days?
Tom Sawyer wrote at 6:27 PM on Mar-30-2010:
Dennis, just joined up after contemplating the benefits for some time. Love the radio show, even though I only get the first two hours on the local blowtorch. I'm looking forward to the third now that I have access. Beee-yoouuu-teee-full!!
Jennifer wrote at 11:48 AM on Mar-30-2010:
Hey Dennis! I am a college professor in religion. After 10 years of teaching both undergraduates and graduate students, and 20 years of theological study, one thing I've seen over and over is that fundamentalism is not limited to the world of religion. I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area originally, with half my family's history from the deep South (Jackson, Mississippi). "Liberal fundamentalists" -- my phrase for the far left, right wing extremists, Jihadists, what-have-you, are very similar people. Any one who disagrees with them (on anything!) is either stupid or bad, because any reasonable and good person will just "see" the truth. I teach when you are on the air, but will try and call sometime. Thanks for your show! Ayn Rand is fascinating -- mind candy! :)
Dr. Jennifer in Milwaukee
Larry E. wrote at 10:01 AM on Mar-29-2010:
I think Christian has turned into a good sidekick, a real plus for the show. He has a nice, easy-going vibe and throws in some good wit and banter. Who knew he had comedic chops? He's always in there scrapping, popping out Texas leaguers and clean hits through the infield, laying down a bunt to catch Dennis off-guard once in awhile. It's a good team.
Robert K. wrote at 6:03 PM on Mar-28-2010:
Third hour Friday was for the ages! Wow
Here is the panel I need to see on Bret Baier's (sp?) show:
A.B. Stoddard, C. C. Conelly and D.D. Myers. That would be so cool.
On a side note, here is what Benson said to Quayle back in '88: "Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy, I knew Jack Kennedy, Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy."
I think if Biden is on the ticket in '12, his opponent in the debate should say, "Senator, I served with Madin Azad Amin, I knew Madin Azad Amin, Madin Azad Amin was a friend of mine. Senator, you're no Madin Azad Amin."
I found this guy when I Googled "stupidest man in the world". Keep after it, Joey baby! You'll be #1 soon!
Steven K. wrote at 5:18 PM on Mar-27-2010:
DENNIS, from the aforementioned Steven K, a belated congats on your 3rd year Anniversary on Westwood 1 Radio ! Being a recent new DMZ Member I have enjoyed your programs for the guests commentary and insight . But mostly for your humour and reflections on the past 56 years of your life( as being 56 ) I also remember sitting in my pyjamas watching the Bugs Bunny Road Runner Hour and rolling over with laughter. So thank you and Keep On keeping On !
PS, enjoy the final 4 & GO BUTLER GO !
Douglas H. wrote at 10:50 AM on Mar-27-2010:
DM...Congratulations on the 3-year anniversary.
Thats longer than most Hollywood marriages.
I have so much confidence that the show is gonna stick, I'm switching my subscription from Monthly to Yearly.
Lynne B. wrote at 7:06 AM on Mar-26-2010:
Happy anniversary
Happy anniversary
Happy anniversary
HA-ppy anniversary!
Russell G. wrote at 5:50 AM on Mar-26-2010:
To the Sage of Southern California,

Congrats to your 3rd year on the radio. Have been a subscriber sine September 09, I want to thank you for keeping us laughing during these hard times. May you and your family be blessed with your love and humor. God Bless (oops! Separation of church and state!)
osagebowler wrote at 5:33 PM on Mar-25-2010:
Great interview with Congressman David Dreier today. I particularly enjoyed your attempt to draw David out cocerning Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee. Good job.
Guy S wrote at 4:41 PM on Mar-25-2010:
I think the supporters of Obamacare (aka universal Hellcare) will eventually rue the passage of this legislation. Obama, Pelosi, et al. will not be in office forever. Imagine a republican as far right as Obama is left, but with an order of magnitude more power than President Bush had. This makes the supposed infractions of the Patriot Act seem like a mosquito bite by comparison.... Pretty darn good reason to simply never empower the government to this degree.
Richard T. wrote at 8:23 AM on Mar-25-2010:
Speaking of Michele Malkin read today's Vampire Congress.
Larry E. wrote at 7:27 AM on Mar-25-2010:
Our rulers don't have to participate in Obamacare? The Romans had a saying for that: "Quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi." Or, "What is OK for the gods, is not OK for the cattle." That's us -- the cattle. That's them -- the gods. They're the rulers, the aristocracy, the nomenklatura, just like the Communist nomenklatura in the U.S.S.R., with special privileges, special stores, special schools, special everything. Are we going to put up with being ruled by this aristocracy?
Jeff from Cleveland wrote at 6:15 AM on Mar-25-2010:
Not Repeal. REVEAL. Repeal is impossible and it plays into the Left's hands. Revealing and removing the corruption is the only way to go now, in my opinion.
Gary F. wrote at 9:49 AM on Mar-24-2010:
"When are you going to do that Jersey Shore interview with Snookie?" Poor Stossel didn't see that one coming and you almost caught him right in the grill. OMG that was funny. Thanks. I really needed that laugh.
Lynne B. wrote at 3:43 AM on Mar-24-2010:
VP F bomb: THANKS, again Mr. BIden.

Kids in the 90's learned all about oral sex from that president...it's not really sexual relations. So now we will reinforce the F bomb.
Joe likes to brag that his wife is a teacher. She should be washing out his mouth with soap. (at our house, we prefer a liquid dish detergent cocktail)
Speedzone wrote at 11:28 PM on Mar-23-2010:
You've been calm and helped your listeners deal with the health care catastrophe. You're known for your A list comedy, but you've got A list leadership with serious issues as well. You have true class. God bless.
Larry E. wrote at 9:58 AM on Mar-23-2010:
Congressman Thad McCotter was on "RedEye" last night, and he said Obamacare shows Big Government is a special interest. That's it exactly -- our government doesn't represent us. They have their own agenda and their own ideology. My viewpoint: when I was in grade school, way back when, we had the best education in the world. Everybody assumed it would continue. Nobody could ever have DREAMED of the total devastation that would be wreaked on our schools. Likewise, it's hard to imagine how our medical care -- expensive, but the best in the world -- will be turned into a dingy, decrepit, stinking third-world slough of despond like Cuba's.
Marian H. wrote at 7:49 AM on Mar-23-2010:
We have a stand-up Congressman here in Illinois - go to Congressman Daniel Lipinski's website to find out why he courageously voted "no" to the health care bill: http://www.lipinski.house.gov/
Steven K. wrote at 7:38 AM on Mar-23-2010:
DENNIS,Welcome to our Canadian Health Care Monstrosity of a System ,only your system will be 10 X's the size making it 10 X's worse as in 10 X's the length of lineups to see a predicted 35 % less Doctors practicing in the field of Medicine due to early retirement and just plain quitting. GOOD LUCK !
P.S. as of now 1033 days remaining in the REIGN OF KING OBAMA .
Jared wrote at 9:20 PM on Mar-22-2010:
Drudge Report Irony: Headline:"Most powerful woman in 100 years" and Headline:"Pelosi's favorability rating 11%." Back in the day we used to call that kind of person a TYRANT!
Guy S wrote at 7:09 AM on Mar-22-2010:
Every time I see a closeup of Nancy Pelosi, I immediately hear the sound of mixing balls from the inside of a spray paint can..... ticketah-ticketah-ticketah ......
The Barking Clown wrote at 8:27 AM on Mar-20-2010:
Whenever I see Nancy Pelosi's mug on television, which is too often these days, I'm reminded of the scene in Brazil where Katherine Helmond is at the plastic surgeon and he's is pulling on her face like it's a Stretch Armstrong ... this week, Harry Smith called into the CBS studios from his Manhattan apartment to say he thinks he might have scurvy.
osagebowler wrote at 7:59 PM on Mar-18-2010:
I thought Tucker's show was great. Gosh, he's cool. Thanks for having him on again as guest host.
John W. wrote at 11:13 PM on Mar-16-2010:
Bluetooth technology allows us to argue loudly with a salt shaker in a diner and be thought inconsiderate rather than insane. By the way, I was winning that argument until the Sweet & Low started making fun of my shoes.
Thomas H. wrote at 3:52 PM on Mar-16-2010:
Surprise surprise, Almost all of the congress men/women aren't answering, nor do their machines take any messages. I would love nothing more than to have all off these D-Bags wake up in some alternate life ala "Big" where they didn't have the power they have.
Maryann wrote at 8:01 AM on Mar-16-2010:

Call to tell your Congressman HOW TO VOTE.


Harry Mitchell (202) 225-2190 (480) 946-2411
Gabrielle Giffords (202) 225-2542 (520) 881-3588
Ann Kirkpatrick (202) 225-2315 (928) 226-6914
Jerry McNerney (202) 225-1947 925-833-0643
John Salazar 202-225-4761 970-245-7107
Jim Hines (202) 225-5541 (866) 453-0028
Alan Grayson (202) 225-2176 (407) 841-1757
Bill Foster (202) 225-2976 630-406-1145
Baron Hill 202 225 5315 812 288 3999
Mark Schauer (202) 225-6276 (517) 780-9075
Gary Peters (202) 225-5802 (248) 273-4227
Dina Titus (202) 225-3252 702-256-DINA (3462)
Carol Shea-Porter (202) 225-5456 (603) 743-4813
Tim Bishop (202) 225-3826 (631) 696-6500
John Hall (202) 225-5441 (845) 225-3641 x49371
Bill Owens (202) 225-4611 (315) 782-3150
Mike Arcuri (202)225-3665 (315)793-8146
Dan Maffei (202) 225-3701 (315) 423-5657
Earl Pomneroy (202) 225-2611 (701) 224-0355
Steven Driehaus (202) 225-2216 (513) 684-2723
Mary Jo Kilroy (202) 225-2015 (614) 294-2196
Zach Space (202) 225-6265 (330) 364-4300
Kathy Dahlkemper (202) 225-5406 (814) 456-2038
Patrick Murphy (202) 225-4276 (215) 826-1963
Christopher Carney (202) 225-3731 (570) 585-9988
Paul Kanjorski (202) 225-6511 (570) 825-2200
John Spratt (202) 225-5501 (803)327-1114
Tom Perriello (202) 225-4711 (276) 656-2291
Alan Mollohan (202) 225-4172 (304) 623-4422
Nick Rahall (202) 225-3452 (304) 252-5000
Steve Kagen (202) 225-5665 (920) 437-1954
nancy wrote at 10:55 AM on Mar-15-2010:
Scott Baio?!! Wow, so unexpected..He did such a great job hosting the show. Please have him back soon.
David D. wrote at 12:56 PM on Mar-14-2010:
I got a phobia for ya: Me, personally, I'm afraid of big great white sharks.
Jenny wrote at 11:10 AM on Mar-13-2010:
I have collected unemployment and I just had to do something in the mean time. I did not waste anytime...I totally agree with you Dennis!
Britt in Cincinnati wrote at 6:19 PM on Mar-11-2010:
Reading a review of the Anna Nicole opera, The Braber of Seville: "While Smith's performance was more balanced than her recent turn in Cosi Fan Teati, it was obvious that most patrons were there solely to experience the breathtaking ariaola."
barking clown wrote at 4:23 PM on Mar-11-2010:
Regarding Harry Smith's colonoscopy: how did the doctor get the camera past Harry's head?
Marcia wrote at 7:42 AM on Mar-11-2010:
Have you seen the new show on the History Channel "American Pickers". Two guys who drive all over the US stopping at junkyards - not antique shops - junk yards and old barns. There's something about the way they deal with the owners, who seem to be loners and hoarders, that is respectful and just plain sweet. Monday nights usually.

Douglas H. wrote at 3:12 PM on Mar-10-2010:
I was nervous about Harry Smith's colonoscopy this morning ... considering it was done by his dentist.
Larry E. wrote at 9:48 AM on Mar-09-2010:
Watching Dennis on the Dennis Cam -- what gets me is how casual and relaxed he looks. (Maybe it's because he's not dressed.) But he appears under no strain at all. If that was me, if I was talking live to everybody in the country who cared to tune in, I'd need one of those potty seats with a hole cut out of the middle, so I'd be covered in case of accidents.
Larry E. wrote at 8:30 AM on Mar-09-2010:
Rosario talked about how hard it is to get a complaint heard by government bureaucrats. - I was watching an old, old Western about an Indian agent, who was defrauding the Indians of their rightful amount of beef. And the Indians said, "White man promise much, give little." - That's what it will be like when we're on the Obamacare "reservation," when we get the medical care government chooses to dole out. It's better to be a hunter, and provide for ourselves in some manner, than to be put on the reservation and take what government dishes out, with no place to complain.
osagebowler wrote at 8:29 PM on Mar-08-2010:
Every time I hear some "expert" gushing over nuclear power, I notice they seem to conflate the terms "safe" and "clean". It is NOT safe, long term. The only safe nuclear power is that which is 93 million miles away and filtered by an atmoshere which is as permanently and automatically maintained by nature as life itself. Uncorking the power of the stars here on earth reminds me of Mickey Mouse as the Sorceror's Apprentice in Disney's FANTASIA. The "safe" use of nuclear power requires constant and careful use of complicated and beurocratic human infrastructure, and anything human is fallible. With atomic radiation, the physical danger is relatively immortal. The proper care of any given quantity of radioactive material must necessarily span many generations. Can any of the experts guarantee that those born hundreds of years from now will still be responsible stewards of the thousands of Genies they propose to loose upon our world? If environmentalists have ever been right about anything, they were right a generation ago about halting construction of nukes.
john n. wrote at 1:01 PM on Mar-08-2010:
Dennis... Once that second year on unemployment starts, one should be required to watch THE CINDERELLA MAN daily. Russell Crowe, as James Braddock fights taking unemployment though his family has ZIPPO. Eventually he succumbs but after he starts making a living, he returns to the unemployment office, waits patiently in line and pays it back to the penny!
Where have those ethics gone? Keep it up, DM!
John in Mill Valley
Jim P. wrote at 8:26 AM on Mar-05-2010:
DM, I enjoy listening to you on the radio (Oshkosh WOSH) from 9-11am but that is just not enough for me so I subscribed today. I agree with your admiration for Robbie Robertson. The Band made it in the R&R HOF in '94, but he should be inducted on his own merits. Clapton changed his musical direction after hearing Music from Big Pink. Check this out: http://theselvedgeyard.wordpress.com/2010/03/04/time-for-a-change-eric-clapton-the-band-and-music-from-big-pink/ You will enjoy the photographic social history of our generation's past. Your mastery of the English language is refreshing and your revival of Sammy-isms is a breath of Fresh Air...Babe..Keep up the effort...I pick up a line every day.
Dan Lewis wrote at 7:09 PM on Mar-04-2010:
We have what is widely regarded to be the best health-care system on the planet, though it is plagued by the worst tort system since Hammurabi. So the Democrats, in their wisdom, have decided to fix the one that's not broken? If the toilet won't stop running, shouldn't we try jiggling the handle before remodeling the whole bathroom?
Steven K. wrote at 4:37 PM on Mar-04-2010:
DENNIS , 1052 days left in KING OBAMA'S REIGN and hopefully in November 2010 we can turn him into a dead duck President with no bite in his quake !
Larry E. wrote at 8:14 AM on Mar-04-2010:
We have Section VIII housing -- the government didn't take over the whole housing/building industry. ----------- We have food stamps -- the government didn't take over the whole agricultural/grocery industry. ----------- So how come, to supply the people with medical care, the government has to take over the whole medical/insurance industry?
Sullysan wrote at 8:52 PM on Mar-03-2010:
Kudos to Mr. Zombie. His prints were all over "Vice" episode he directed--nice to have had D-Bone's brilliant interview w/Rob prior to screening. "How so?",as they say at Kwok Bro's.
Michael wrote at 8:38 PM on Mar-03-2010:
I was listening to a recent podcast and heard the discusion about Kenya. I was over in Kenya playing rugby and the name of the restaurant in Nairobi, Kenya is , The Carnivore. On your plate was a small,no tiny solitary potato, one small carrot and nothing else. Then they brought skewer after skewer of game including wildebeast, zebra, gazelle, boar and then they brought out the meat that I would eat pork,steak and chicken.This was washed down with about 5 liters of Tusker premium Kenyan beer. Dr. Mike from Naperville, Il.
Peggy J. wrote at 12:52 AM on Mar-03-2010:
Better yet have them take their coffee breaks after they actually open up their window or at least count their cash drawer
Larry E. wrote at 9:31 AM on Mar-02-2010:
How about this as a way to keep the budget deficit down: instead of nationalizing the medical industry, how about keeping our local post office open, and continuing to deliver mail on Saturdays?
Gary F. wrote at 9:19 AM on Mar-02-2010:
Dennis, you need to have Colin Quinn on the show more often. When you two get to riffing, it's spit-take time.
Timothy R. wrote at 12:48 AM on Mar-02-2010:
This just in: Barrack Obama signs sponsorship deal with Marlboro!! Money from this deal is said to help launch Michelle Obama's "Fundimental Change in Healthy Living Campaign"......
Larry E. wrote at 7:59 AM on Mar-01-2010:
You know what I hear when Pelosi talks? "I tawt I taw a puddy-tat. I DID, I taw a puddy-tat!" Tweetie-bird Pelosi, world-champion bird-brain.
Larry E. wrote at 7:42 AM on Mar-01-2010:
About Dennis's plans for the show: I think he does just fine with callers. He usually only loses patience with them after I've already lost patience with them, so here's one listener with no complaints. Does he need a sidekick? I dunno -- he's the expert. All I know is, I'd like to hear Paula Poundstone on the show sometimes. Also, Jim Gaffigan (I love his manatee/"sea cow" routine). How 'bout it, Dennis?
Johanna K. wrote at 5:57 PM on Feb-28-2010:
I was out of town all week & unable to update my ipod. I just learned that Sal will be leaving (is gone). Sal, you will be missed. Whatever the show is from here on, it won't be the same without you. Godspeed.
-Markus in KC.

Christie in Springboro wrote at 2:34 PM on Feb-26-2010:
RE: Sal's Departure. I am not a go-to Jew but I do have a copy of "If you don't Have anything Good to Say, Say it in Yiddish" if you are feeling particularly misty about the Dark Prince. I can read exerpts. Christie from Dayton
Douglas H. wrote at 10:11 AM on Feb-26-2010:
hey Dennis,
Great show on Sal's last day.
You don't have to be Jewish ... to love Sal.
Douglas H. - NY
Larry E. wrote at 10:00 AM on Feb-26-2010:
My funny Sal-entine . . . Sweet comic Sal-entine . . . You make me smile with my face. . . You're quite cantankerous, . . . And sometimes rancorous. . . . Yet you're my favorite waste of space. . . .
Do you lack the urge to soothe? Is your head a little smooth? Do you sound like Shirley Booth when you laugh?
Here's what we care about: You turn the funny out. Though little Sal go away, Each day is Sal-entine's day.
John Jorgenson wrote at 9:16 AM on Feb-26-2010:
Love Sal, wicked sense of humor.
Jack, Omaha
Neil M. wrote at 6:47 AM on Feb-26-2010:
What is this, healthcare by the pound? From behind closed doors we get 1000 page bill. No one likes it. Next we get a 2000 page bill. NO ONE likes it. Now from the same closed doors we get a 3,000 page bill. NO ONE LIKES IT!!!!
Donald Hall wrote at 2:07 PM on Feb-25-2010:
Sal's leaving? Joy Behar must need a sidekick. After watching Sal's "Bathrobe Session" I have five words for him. Blank you and good luck.

Don in Waco
Roy wrote at 10:39 AM on Feb-25-2010:
Listening to a bit of the White House health care confab this a.m., I have one observation. The give and take between BHO and John McCain was brutal. McCain was trying to make some valid points, and each time he brought one up, he was subjected to the absolutely pathetic response "the campaign is over, we won" response from BHO. It reminds me of two kids on a playground and the one kid that keeps saying, "I'm rubber, you're glue, everything bounces off me and sticks to you." Grow up BHO. You sound like a third grader. Either allow a legitimate debate to occur over healthcare or crawl back to your secret treehouse with Rahm et. al.
Palushki wrote at 6:15 AM on Feb-25-2010:
Dennis, After yesterday's hearings, Toyota engineers reexamined those stuck gas pedals. It was not the floor mats that were jamming them... it was dog-eared copies of Rules for Radicals.
Mel from Massachusetts wrote at 11:15 AM on Feb-23-2010:
Sal, I will miss you awful! Your foil to Dennis' rapier has given me great joy and laughter over the past two plus years. BTW, I did enjoy your Bathrobe session! You are nothing but consistent and I would have not expected anything less! Have fun going off into the sunset... er, um, well dark valley.. :^D
Kelly wrote at 6:18 PM on Feb-22-2010:
Sal, we hardly new ye! Kelly in Vermont.
Gary F. wrote at 7:33 AM on Feb-22-2010:
Thanks for all the laughs, Sal. You will be missed. Oh, and sorry for outing you on the air. My bad. - Gary from LB
Douglas H. wrote at 7:14 AM on Feb-22-2010:
Sal's leaving...Say it ain't so Sal.
Larry E. wrote at 7:46 AM on Feb-19-2010:
Lying under oath is a big deal, true. What about suborning perjury, like when he said to his secretary, "I was never alone with Monica, right? Right? Nudge nudge, elbow, wink." What about filing a false police report against the travel office? What about selling missile secrets to the Red Chinese? What about going on national TV to lie to the American people? There were a DOZEN good reasons to ditch him.
Larry E. wrote at 7:42 AM on Feb-19-2010:
Gutfeld's new book should be good. His first one, "Lessons from the Land of Pork Scratchings," was a blast. A sometimes-obscene blast, but nevertheless a blast.
Mr. Willy wrote at 11:27 AM on Feb-18-2010:
Dennis, thanks for calling Baron Hill a jerk. He is a jerk - I should know - I am one of his constituents. The clips you played showcase the disdain that he has for us constituents. Evan Bayh made my job easier since now I only have to work to keep Baron Hill out of office this year. Thanks again / Will T. from Clarksville, IN
Scott S. wrote at 8:48 PM on Feb-17-2010:
Hey Denmosheeeee! Let's light this flatulence! Have to say that you are the Doctor of the Diatribe. I particularly enjoy how, with minutes to go before the end of the show segment, you'll ramp up a great rant and slam it to the mat with a lucent conclusion within milliseconds (miller-seconds?) of the segment cutoff. Thanks. sawchmo
Mark in NH wrote at 10:03 AM on Feb-16-2010:
The first time some construction crew at the new nuke site offends a dragonfly the green police will sue to shut them down. Obama will throw his hands up in the air and say "Hey! I tried!". Think he'll issue an executive order to let them build anyway? No.
Larry E. wrote at 8:44 AM on Feb-16-2010:
Brad's insurance (and everybody's) would be cheaper if government wasn't continually driving the price up. State governments keep ordering insurance companies to insure the already-sick (called "guaranteed issue"). That's like making insurance companies sell you fire insurance when your house is already on fire. In addition, they have imposed mandates that insurance companies cover various specific illnesses and treatments -- you can't just buy insurance for EXPENSIVE illnesses. Government is wrecking the insurance business, so they'll have an excuse to take over.
Fard Muhammad wrote at 8:39 AM on Feb-16-2010:
I heard Mark Levin yesterday give a shout out to you- saying you are a great comedian that he learns from you when he listens. Quite an endorsement in my book. :)
autal m. wrote at 7:47 AM on Feb-16-2010:
Hey Dennis, On Mark Levin's feb 15 radio show he called you one of the "frontbenchers". That is a compliment referring to the many media personalities in todays multimedia outlets. In addition he called you one of the most intelligent and constantly funny personalities on the air. The "great one " is my 2nd favorite radio show and am proud to say that you are the first.
Steven K. wrote at 11:19 AM on Feb-15-2010:
Hi Dennis, hope you had a Happy President Day Holiday and as of today there are 1,069 days remaining before your President Barack Hussein Obama is asked to leave the OVAL ORIFICE !
Robert W. wrote at 1:49 PM on Feb-12-2010:
Mr. Miller,
I will be 71 on the 25th and enjoy your rants and reading the shout outs. Keep after the FEDS and maybe the herd can be turned before the cliff, I believe the majority in this country had better get involved somehow. Bob in Indiana
Go Fezzies!!!
Paul P. wrote at 10:37 AM on Feb-12-2010:
Hey, Dennis. Everytime I see Obama do something I want to put a call into Crawford and bring President Bush back. Like you, I admire the man, especially his approach to terror. Could you see if maybe he would agree to appear on your show? He's doesn't seem fond of media appearances and probably won't comment on Obama but I would love the chance to call in and thank that great man.
Lynne B. wrote at 8:29 AM on Feb-12-2010:
HEY! How about

Vote Out Totally Everybody


grammatically wrong but who will know?
James wrote at 8:44 AM on Feb-10-2010:
I've a different take on the Green Police ad. It's a great parody of what will come should the Chicken Little crowd get its way. It's hilarious and scary at the same time. The Greenies might have seen it as hideously subversive and squirmed with outrage. The thought gives me a shadenfreude down the leg.
Maria F. wrote at 7:57 AM on Feb-10-2010:
did you hear that congress has taken the rest of the week off because of the snow? Here's a clip from Reuters.com
House Democratic Leader Steny Hoyer said flight cancellations made it difficult for House members to get into the snowbound city and leaders decided to put off scheduled votes until the week of February 22 when Congress returns from a week-long break for the Presidents' Day holiday.

My husband works in the public schools, if they were to miss a week because of the weather THEY"D HAVE TO MAKE IT UP! What are we paying these clowns for!!!
Benjamin C. wrote at 12:47 PM on Feb-08-2010:
Dennis, I love you, but as someone who is currently in the Marines, I can tell you: the reason for Don't Ask/Don't Tell is not that the military is morally or culturally antiquated, as you seem to suggest. There are UCMJ rules against fraternization even between ranks, let alone genders. We already separate troops by those distinctions (e.g., different barracks, billets, etc.) Romantic relationships are supposed to be forbidden, and by eradicating the military's ability to separate potential lovers, you are introducing big problems in terms of a unit's ability to efficiently execute its operations. Our job is to defend and enforce--we do not want to accommodate your love life. We don't care if some feel we are morally obsolete, and contrary to some claims. I don't see why so many CIVILIANS feel that WE, the military, have to be reformed to reflect THEIR fleeting social sensibilities.
Richard S. wrote at 8:50 AM on Feb-08-2010:
Hey Dennis... I don't know about you, but three quarters of me wanted the Saints to win last night's big game, but the other quarter of me wanted to see if Jim Caldwell's facial expression would change if the Colts doused him with ice-cold gatorade.
Richard wrote at 8:41 AM on Feb-08-2010:
Dennis. Who else but ACORN can find the individual in OHIO at their park bench?
marshall s. wrote at 6:40 PM on Feb-07-2010:
Green Police Super Bowl Ad - They just don't get it. I think most people will see that and get a negative Chris Matthews down the leg seeing the big brother green giant future we may be heading to instead of getting inspired to go get the car. It seems like the guy who pulls out of the green police checkpoint is more likely to be the swell to be resented than the good guy to be admired. No, it doesn't feel good to be forcefully greened. Shame on one of the greatest American bands, Cheap Trick to let their song be twisted for this.
Lynne B. wrote at 4:16 PM on Feb-07-2010:
Hi Dennis.....did you read about the 100 year old whiskey that was found in Antactica? Sir Ernest Shackleton had to leave it behind............. Fun times in the ice. LB
Steven K. wrote at 5:35 PM on Feb-05-2010:
YOOOOO DENNIS , just finished watching the end of" Shoot Out at the OK Coral"on TCM, with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. An obvious observation about the looks of Kirk Douglas a spitting image of Sean Penn they look like twin brothers. Any ways I hoped you enjoyed your dinner with DOC HOLIDAY and what was on the menu enjoy listening to your rants on the cuisine you ate. P.S. ISLAM is still the ENEMY, Onward Christian Soldiers... SWK
Dirk from Charlotte wrote at 8:33 AM on Feb-05-2010:
Dennis, is it just me or does Robert Gibbs look like he burps really bad lunch meat? I look at him, all I get is this whiff of recycled braunschweiger or pimento loaf -- the kind that overtakes your airspace at 2pm after the guy in the elevator next to you took a big sip of Pepsi. I can't look at this guy the same way anymore. He reminds me of every bad sandwich I've ever had.
john kulze wrote at 7:17 AM on Feb-05-2010:
Best Todd Rundgren song "WE gotta get you a woman" hands down.
John in PA wrote at 2:13 PM on Feb-04-2010:
A great body slam of the loathesome John Edwards by the aforementioned Mr. Miller on Bill O'Reilly. Is there any way we can get Billy Crystal to actually give Edwards an Oscar for best appearance in a Short Story ?
Kimberly Olson wrote at 5:26 AM on Feb-04-2010:
Thank you for voicing your offence at the disparaging use of the "R" word on O'Rielly last night. You've corrected guests on your show at other times when they've made fun of people with developmental disabilities. Thanks for standing up for your friends at Alpha.
Speedzone wrote at 5:57 PM on Feb-03-2010:
Hi Dennis, I felt your pain when you told Bill O'Reilly of your disappointment that Biden wasn't nominated for an academy award in The Simpleton. Just wait 'til next year - He'll be up (maybe not in Hollywood, but everywhere else) for the same role, guaranteed.
Dan Lewis wrote at 2:24 PM on Feb-03-2010:
My vote for the worst film of all time: 'The Adventures of Rat Phink and Boo Boo'. This little gem is a stinker from the horrible writing to the atrocious acting. But you simply cannot turn it off. At least I couldn't.
Marcia wrote at 1:42 PM on Feb-03-2010:
Was anyone else shocked yesterday at the heads of CIA and FBI saying we will be hit again within six months? Ho hum, yawn, wait a minute WHAAAAAT THE F*?
Douglas H. wrote at 11:04 AM on Feb-03-2010:
Hey Dennis--Lets just treat these four years as Obama's college days...lots of "the dog ate my homework". (Now when does he do the "year abroad"?)
Elizabeth wrote at 9:01 AM on Feb-03-2010:
Two more great Rundgren songs from Side 3 of Something/Anything.....Black Maria and Little Red Lights.
Aaron L. wrote at 8:51 AM on Feb-03-2010:
Dennis, You're killing me with the rip on Vanilla Sky. I am truly shocked....I'll have to reconsider my DMZ membership (chuckle). Worst film ever is definitely GOTHIC! Ever seen it?
Rob R. wrote at 7:57 AM on Feb-03-2010:
How about: "Let's Kick This Worthog"? It rolls off the tounge a little easier.
Mel from Massachusetts wrote at 5:55 AM on Feb-01-2010:
Greetings! I wonder if Crazy Al has shoveled his way out of his driveway in Tennessee yet... Oops... That's right, they are expecting even more snow today! Do they make a hybrid plow? Poor thing!
Mike G. wrote at 5:33 AM on Jan-29-2010:
Hey Dennis, A few weeks ago the show spent a few days in thoughtful discussion about why or how God caused the tragedy in Haiti. I for one don't profess to have any idea of how to answer the question. Perhaps if I were only as smart as Pat Robertson or Danny Glover. I do know it seems to be in our collective DNA to always immediately look for someone to blame for any misfortune that touches our lives. Fair enough. The day before yesterday a 15 year old girl was pulled alive from the rubble after 15 days. Don't our scientists tell us it's impossible for a human to live for more than a few days without water? Today the young girl's family and friends feel truly blessed by this even in the midst of unbelievable devastation. Would it be fair to wonder why we don't seem to be willing to spend as much time reflecting on our blessings or even miracles as we do on our misfortune? That's my rant for the day. Mike G
Douglas H. wrote at 3:30 PM on Jan-28-2010:
Hi Dennis, my recurring nightmare: I'm at the used car lot and I just bought a Toyota Obama.
Hugh Essay wrote at 5:58 PM on Jan-27-2010:
Hey Dennis, Of course Nancy Pilosy is in favor of "a freeze" - look at her face.
David E. wrote at 7:59 AM on Jan-27-2010:
How about a birthday shout out!? It's David from KC....
Larry E. wrote at 7:31 AM on Jan-26-2010:
Dennis is the GREATEST jiujitsu artist on talk radio. He takes frothing-mad callers like Brian and ties them up into knots with minimal effort (and no yelling). He leads them on, trips them up, uses their own force against them, and skilfully slices pieces off them with the Ginsu knife, and they can't figure out what went wrong. They're all set for a shouting match, and before they know it they're back in the locker room wondering "Wha' happened?"
osagebowler wrote at 7:51 PM on Jan-25-2010:
Dennis; Great segment on the show today with Patrick Hughes. He went fast, but that's O.K. with me. He covered a lot of ground, didn't stutter, and I believe him.
Tony Wood wrote at 2:23 PM on Jan-22-2010:
Suicidal in Hawaii? Only when the ice in the cooler runs out. Unless your talking about the Democrat lemmings later on in the year when the chickens come home to roost.By the Way Andy from Hawaii is a friend of mine from just up the street.I didn't tell him to call so it just goes to show how your humor and smarts attracts a lot of good folks.
Rob R. wrote at 12:28 PM on Jan-21-2010:
Dennis: Heard you mention on your Wed. 1-20 podcast that you'd consider going against Sen. Boxer in 2010. I figure you're not too serious, but man, would there be people out here who'd back you. Fiercely back you. With your mind and debating skills (Washingtonians would be sliced and diced and in cold storage before they knew it), you'd be a terror in the Senate. (Wishful thinking wishful thinking, but please indulge me/us.) You'd be more than a warrior; you'd be a street fighter (metaphorically, of course.) I believe it's that part of your nature that draws in your most loyal fans. Rob R., Milwaukee.
Roy wrote at 9:47 AM on Jan-21-2010:
Rahm Emanuel and BHO currently seem a lot like Newman and Redford's characters in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid during the last 15-20 minutes of the movie. Constantly on the run, not knowing (or believing) who could possibly be chasing them. When they are finally closed in on and the ultimate conflict is imminent, they still foolishly believe that they can devise an escape plan. Unfortunately, they are outnumbered by the hundreds and are obliterated immediately. Bad guys are bad guys, and cockiness doesn't help the situation.
Mark in NH wrote at 8:28 AM on Jan-21-2010:
Ted Kennedy's ghost: "Errrr-Emmmm-Ahhhh.......BOO!.......BOO!"
Palushki wrote at 3:47 AM on Jan-21-2010:
Dennis, The just released "Fort Hood Report" is a new level of dangerous political correctness at the expense of national security. Based on the report, one can only conclude that the military's policy of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" now extends fully to Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorist as well.
Charles Fairchild wrote at 6:56 PM on Jan-20-2010:
when the crotch bomber takes the stand in his civil trial I think it will be the first actual prima facia case of liar, liar pants on fire.
Marcia wrote at 2:31 PM on Jan-20-2010:
Have you seen the email making the rounds about a CEO who must decide which sixty people in his company to layoff? He looks in the company parking lot for any car that still has an Obama08 bumper sticker and chooses them - they wanted change, they got it.
Larry E. wrote at 7:49 AM on Jan-20-2010:
Why did Martha Coakley lose? Because you really CAN'T fool all the people all the time. No matter how many times the media prattled about health-care "reform," the people knew a "takeover" when they saw one. They yelled, "REFORM? I say it's spinach, and I say to Hell with it." . . . Anyway, we've seen too many Evita types in recent years. Martha Coakley was an Evita too far.
Ghengis Ken wrote at 4:09 AM on Jan-20-2010:
I haven't yet heard a satisfying answer on the Haiti issue on your show, so here's my attempt: Haiti is NOT God taking the day off; it's God testing the Haitians AND the rest of us to see how we'll handle trouble. Our limited, earth-bound POV assumes that challenges such as these are tragedies. They are not; they're built into God's plan to teach us couage, compassion, and love. More at my blog: http://tiny.cc/5cqgJ
Michael Lacy wrote at 11:24 PM on Jan-19-2010:
To celebrate Scott Brown's victory I suggest the band BOSTON be today's bumper band!
Wade W. wrote at 5:14 AM on Jan-19-2010:
Dennis, Remember when Democrat James Carville was proclaimed a genius when he supposedly came up with the phrase "It's the economy stupid" when Clinton ran for president the first time? I think the Republicans should resurrect it for the fall elections.
Kevin Metcalf wrote at 8:44 PM on Jan-15-2010:
Hey Dennis, I've heard you say people don't like you and Sal "fighting". I, however, get irritated whenever you ask Sal about some whacked liberal policy or ideal and he responds with something like, "Yeah, that is crazy!", but he offers no reason why he would never support conservative candidates or policies. I think we should all be challenged on our ideals occasionally (in the proper way of course). We should also be able to offer some support for our beliefs and open-minded and honest enough to sometimes be wrong about them. I like you not rolling over. We're all grown-ups.
AmerAmy wrote at 10:26 AM on Jan-14-2010:
I saw Ted at a concert at Ft. McCoy in Wisconsin and I never saw anyone who seemed one with that guitar; like he was really born with it in his hands. I just loved it. It was great, we all sat in our lawn chairs and went crazy.
Jodyne Duncan wrote at 7:26 PM on Jan-12-2010:
Hey, Dennis. I thought of the perfect name for the All-Jihadist airline: JET BLEW Jody D.
James wrote at 6:46 PM on Jan-12-2010:
Dennis, I got a good laugh out of the moniker, Fruit of Kaboom Bomber, that one of your callers offered up for the skid mark jihadist. I guess the mainstream media can't incorporate brand names such as BVD Bomber or Jockey Jihadist, thus the bland, Underwear Bomber, or Shoe Bomber (with his Air Jihads).
Mike the Hun wrote at 3:54 PM on Jan-11-2010:
Fox News confirms Sarah Palin is joining as a contributor [Updated] http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/showtracker/2010/01/sarah-palin-joins-fox-news-as-a-contributor.html
mark f. wrote at 10:51 PM on Jan-09-2010:
Hi i love your show is is very funny
Richard S. wrote at 1:29 PM on Jan-07-2010:
In class today my professor mentioned the Roman emperor Caligula... the one that made his horse a consulate. Why was it that the first words that came to mind were "Nancy Pelosi?" Just thought you'd like to hear that.
Davey Crockett wrote at 9:22 AM on Jan-07-2010:
Dennis, Ann Coulter had a personal body guard I met at a symposium in DC..Ann was inside the building giving a speech on Terrorism..The guy looks like the handsome version of Richard Gere and bigger..totally a cool cat and his background was impeccable..( He could handle the situation for Her)..a total bad ass..in a suit.. Dave
Larry E. wrote at 8:57 AM on Jan-07-2010:
I think it would have been funnier, in "Avatar," if they had called the metal "Upsidaisium," like in the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon.
AmerAmy wrote at 12:09 PM on Jan-06-2010:
We are at the end of the 2nd wave of Swine Flu. Expect an uptick in the spring and possibly a return in the fall.
jasmine h. wrote at 9:17 AM on Jan-06-2010:
I MISS YOU! CHICAGO MISSES YOU! (and Sal & Christian & Sabes, of course). I've already called the program director at WIND-560 to clue him into my dismay not to hear your dulcet tones with my morning coffee. Come back to the five & dime, Denny Miler Denny Miller...
AmerAmy wrote at 7:13 AM on Jan-06-2010:
Andrew B. mentioned when he was filling in for you that he will be launching "Big Education" later this year. Sounds fantastic. Amy, Dakota, Minn
Marcia wrote at 12:51 PM on Jan-05-2010:
Hi Dennis, Congress is no longer acting in the interest of their constituents. And they don't care - because guys like Reid, Nelson, and Dodd will land on the fluffy down mattress of an ambassadorship if they lose their 2010 races. Marsha, Philly.
Larry E. wrote at 9:11 AM on Jan-05-2010:
Maybe Obama is more in sympathy with Muslims, including terrorists, than he is with Americans -- maybe that's the reason he makes such idiotic decisions about would-be bombers.
Steven K. sarcastically wrote at 8:37 AM on Jan-05-2010:
"HAPPY NEW YEAR oh great one",I am still sorry to say that ISLAM IS THE ENEMY and until we come to grips with this truth and treat them as such, their Jihad against us infidel's will carry on until they full fill ALLAH'S WILL as written in their KORAN. ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS...!
Larry E. wrote at 7:44 AM on Jan-05-2010:
About five years ago, I made several trips from Louisville to the Cleveland Clinic with my 82-year-old mom. We went I think five times, and they pulled Mom aside for extra scrutiny twice. She could hardly walk -- she had to lean on me even to motivate down the hallways. They made her take off her shoes, the whole bit. Like everybody, we put a good face on it, bantered with the security personnel, and pretended those people weren't nuts. But they were nuts.
Larry E. wrote at 7:38 AM on Jan-05-2010:
McCotter got off a nifty on "Redeye" the other night. Gutfeld asked, since economic conditions seemed to be improving, "Should I be dancing for joy?" Congressman McCotter: "No, not with that rash that you have." Not bad for a gummint man.
Mike the Hun wrote at 10:32 AM on Jan-04-2010:
Hey Dennis, Sal and Crew, Happy 2010, just a note to thank you for all your hard work and being the most measured voice in the debate. This year will be Ground Zero for us and you'll be a major force getting us to the finish line. Mike in Huntington Beach
Rob R. wrote at 8:40 AM on Jan-04-2010:
After my constant complaining that I too often had little or no time to listen to Dennis Miller, my son bought a year-long subscription to the DMZ for me for Christmas. (He then said shut up, why didn’t I get for myself, and so on, but that’s another post.) Like a little boy, I became obsessed with my new toy and spent the next two weeks downloading and listening to Dennis’ interviews and checking out everything else. What a site! I’m now constantly connected to the best radio program there is; to the humor and wisdom of my favorite comedian and (honest-to-goodness) pundit. Keep stickin’ ‘em Dennis!
Palushki wrote at 3:35 AM on Jan-04-2010:
Dennis, May G-d continue to bless you in 2010 with the ability to freely express what is in your mind and in your heart, and in doing so, inspire others to do the same.
Bernice wrote at 11:16 AM on Dec-31-2009:
Hey big guy! Thank you for all you do. I hope you are having a wonder time with your family. See you in the new year!
Rob R. wrote at 4:51 PM on Dec-30-2009:
Listening to Dennis play The Beatles song Taxman from their Revolver album on the "best of" show on 12-30 made me wonder if The Beatles should be considered traitorous to the world for lamenting the collection of taxes, or if we should give them a pass because it was only the 1960s and they weren't yet fully indoctrinated.
Jeff from Cleveland wrote at 8:35 AM on Dec-28-2009:
Appreciate your good work on all fronts, Dennis. Wish we had you on the air in Cleveland but the podcasting's cool.
Douglas H. wrote at 7:26 AM on Dec-28-2009:
Geithner (stooge) Holder (stooge) Napolitano(stooge) =3 Stooges -dh-
john altmann wrote at 4:23 AM on Dec-28-2009:
Great Obama is on vacation. Oh a terriorist attempt(attack) Napey everything is working fine. Brithish papers expect more attacks. Isreal recalling its diplomatic corp.. Iranian students going against the dictatorship. Nothing to worry about. Other wise the O would have had an Hawaiian pinic. But no pork The real threat is Honduras preventing a dictatorship John A
osagebowler wrote at 4:36 PM on Dec-24-2009:
Merry Christmas Dennis..May you return from whereever before the Devil knows you're there.
Pete H. wrote at 2:54 PM on Dec-22-2009:
Hello Dennis- I do not know why everyone is so upset about this health care thing. I think it is wonderful that we are witnessing what very well could be the last remnants of Pelosi and the Democratic party once it all hits the fan!
Steven K. wrote at 6:12 PM on Dec-21-2009:
Dennis thanks for the heads up on Ayn Rand my Mother recommended her novels to me years ago when I was getting my feet wet in other things. You are so right it is like reading the Head Lines on the Internet of todays affairs and this is only in the first Chapter of Atlas Shrugged Cheers and have a great Christmas with your family ! So who's going to win the 2010 FIFA World Cup? Keep on Keeping on the great programming for 2010 !
Sullysan wrote at 2:34 PM on Dec-21-2009:
Since O'Bama's closing Gitmo and moving the terrorists to IL. We'll at least have a idea of where ground zero will be...sad. Cheer, Sully
AvgDude wrote at 12:00 PM on Dec-21-2009:
In an unprecedented agreement between President Obama and the other leaders of the G-5612, all volcanic eruptions and earthquakes have been banned. The new treaty is expected to be quickly ratified in Congress with no help from the Republicans who scoffed at the measure like the scientifically-illiterate pro-big magma toadies they are.
Adam R. wrote at 11:09 AM on Dec-21-2009:
Bill Schulz of Redeye composed a haiku-style poem to counter Algore's twaddle: Polar Bears scream Tears no longer drip from their eyes Might as well eat them Some have said the poem seems sympathetic to the enviros. I think it teases Algore and the gang. But that's the beauty of poetry: You can have your own interpretation, even if you're wrong. (Reminds me of "progressives," anyway.) Rob R.
Steven K. wrote at 6:25 PM on Dec-20-2009:
From KIM Jong,NORTH KOREA, YOOOOOOOO! Dennis who do you like to win the FIFA World Cup in South Africa 2010 no really who are you rooting for, come on big guy pick a team any team,do you know the teams,I know you do your a closet football fan with the utmost love for the game Salman looks like a football groupie from the old school of hard knocks! GROUP A russia,mexico,uruguay,france GROUP B argentina,s.korea,greece,nigeria GROUP C england,united states,algeria,slovenia GROUP D germany,australia,serbia,ghana GROUP E netherlands,denmark,japan,cameroon GROUP F italy,paraguay,new zealand,slovakia GROUP G #1 KOREA DPR ! brazil,portugal,cote d ivoire, GROUP H spain,switzerland,honduras,chile I KNOW THE KWONGS WILL ROOT FOR MY #1 DINNER CHOICE, NORTH KOREA DPR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
eric spero wrote at 4:50 PM on Dec-19-2009:
Dennis- I remember the haiku contest and I see that Gore is now a poet so.... we should have a poetry (or haiku) contest with a phony environmental emergency/ fleecing the taxpayers/ self righteous theme. Might be fun (and certainly funny)!
Douglas H. wrote at 12:25 PM on Dec-18-2009:
Hey Mr. Miller, you were in Prime Time last night. NBC ran their SNL Christmas special and the sketch of the "lost footage" of It's A Wonderful Life was on. Very very funny and still holds up really well. Command performances by you, Carvey, Lovitz, Hooks and the sketch was introduced by William Shatner! Happy Holidays to te Miller household. DH
Randy wrote at 11:19 AM on Dec-18-2009:
Hey big guy... Just stopping by to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas. Take care.
Rafe Guttman wrote at 6:04 AM on Dec-16-2009:
CONGRATS on the SLAMMY AWARD Dennis!!!!! Not since OBAMA won the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE or GORE won a GRAMMY has an accolade been more richly deserved !!!
Jay Budzilowski wrote at 8:35 AM on Dec-15-2009:
Dennis, would you ever consider being a guest riffer with the RiffTrax guys? Y'all could take on the great movie "I Love You, Beth Cooper."
osagebowler wrote at 6:01 PM on Dec-14-2009:
Dennis, thank you for taking the call from Scott in PA., and you know I think, how I mean that. On my Christmas list, you are the best man in showbidness. Merry Christmas to you.
Kerry Davis wrote at 4:40 PM on Dec-14-2009:
Thought of the Day from today's paper (The Arizona Republic, Dec. 14 2009): "True education makes for inequality; the inequality of individuality, the inequality of success; the glorious inequality of talent, of genius; for inequality, not mediocrity, individual superiority, not standardization, is the measure of the progress of the world." -- Felix Emmanuel Schelling, American educator and scholar (1858-1945)
Noel M. wrote at 3:32 PM on Dec-14-2009:
Punch line for Daniel Radcliffe naked joke: . . . appearing in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Phallus".
David wrote at 11:55 AM on Dec-14-2009:
Dennis, Ayn Rand - I read Atlas Shrugged about 5 yrs ago. There was a copy floating around the break room back then. I would have to be on the clock to read that one, it was such a slog. A bunch of us read it back then, and as you've said on the air how it sticks with you. Not necessarily the details, but the core ideas and characters. Some stuff I read and realize partway through that I read this already. I guess I need to read the Fountainhead someday soon. Right now I have Mark Steyn's "America Alone". I haven't started it yet. I enjoyed the interview though. Dave in Santa Maria
AvgDude wrote at 11:23 AM on Dec-14-2009:
I assure you and all the other dumb people that both me and all the other smart people are absolutely certain that something really bad is going to happen at some point in the future when none of us will be alive to verify whether our prediction is correct or not. Anyone who disagrees with us is a dumb or dishonest or evil person. Anyone who agrees with us is smart, cool, hip, and good looking. On the basis of this prediction, we expect you dumb people to give control of all your property, resources, and civil rights to me and all the other smart people. If you don't comply, we'll call you lots of names, because we're so smart and better than you and stuff.
Larry E. wrote at 9:44 AM on Dec-14-2009:
I don't want to be a pedant or a stickler, but Dennis, don't say roast beef "with au jus." "Au jus" means "with juice" or "in its juice," so roast beef au jus is already with juice. (I'm looking out for you -- don't want you to sound like a Hoosier like me.)
neil m. wrote at 1:14 AM on Dec-14-2009:
a shout out to your son... when you passed on the story about how your son showed his own comedy chops, with the "maybe her face tastes like butter" line regarding the excessive pda (public display of affection), i knew i would want to use it someday. fast forward to taking my 10 year old to the local nfl game, (a more rough and tumble crowd than baseball), maria asked if the couple seated a few rows away was allowed to do "that" at the game. "well with all they've been eating maybe her face tastes like butter". after some good laughs that made an uncomfortable situation funny, i credited your son with the line... regards, neil port townsend wa
Jerry DeFelice wrote at 7:01 PM on Dec-13-2009:
Dennis, As a soldier, I have been asked to have the bravery to stand up to Insurgents, Al Queda and the Taliban by my Commander-n-Chief. I have done so proudly. Is it too much then, for me to ask my Commander-n-Chief to have the bravery to stand up to Fox News? JD in Washington State
Peyton C. wrote at 7:09 PM on Dec-12-2009:
Dennis, your re-telling of the story of the poor guy attempting to sing "Feelings" to a rough crowd of jazz aficionados reminded me of one of my all-time favorite Carol Burnett sketch: when Eunice decides to sing "Feelings" on The Gong Show. She gets about the same reception as your friend before the obligatory gong is sounded and her dreams are dashed on national television. I seem to recall you mentioning knowing her... any chance you could book her for the show? That would be nice!
Johanna K. wrote at 10:24 AM on Dec-12-2009:
Dennis, I hope you get the book I recommended, "Deconstructing Sammy" by Birback. By the time I got to the fifth page of the book, it occurred to me that since Sammy's death there hadn't been any real media or press about his movies, albums, and what little was said was in relation to the other Rat Pack-ers (Even in the docu-movies his life wasn't very detailed). Why? Because Uncle Sam owned everything - his career, his assets, his very name and essence. It took the former prosecuting attorney of that time - the same man who brought down E.F. Hutton - to get a portion of his financial mess tidied up, but I have a feeling there is still alot of unspoken business there. I know you're gonna want to interview Birkback after that. I've seen him and he's very impressive.
Christopher A. wrote at 2:55 PM on Dec-11-2009:
The only thing funnier than playing the 6.4 second game is finding myself actually practicing for it.
Kerry Davis wrote at 12:20 PM on Dec-11-2009:
Mark Steyn's masterwork "America Alone" is greatly concerned with issues of demography. When I read the obituary of Gene Barry in the paper today, I couldn't help thinking of that. I loved Barry and still enjoy watching War of the Worlds (never gonna see the Tom Cruise version, ick) and while I was too young for Bat Masterson when it was on, I loved Burke's Law and caught it every chance I got. At the end of the obituary, the list of survivors mentions 3 children, 3 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. Granted the time-clock hasn't run out yet, but still, that struck me as symptomatic. Gene Barry and his wife produced children, which led to grandchildren, which led to great-grandchildren... If it had been just Gene and his wife that resulted in 2 great-grandchildren, then the population balance remains steady. But others were involved too. The parents of those who married the children of Gene and his wife and produced those children and grandchildren... At the very least there were a total of 4, who produced 3, and then 2... That's demography and population-shrinkage in the modern world in a popular and well-known and -loved nutshell. Wither us/U.S.?
osagebowler wrote at 12:11 PM on Dec-11-2009:
Dennis; I was impressed with the generous professional courtesy contained in your observation that Rush made the early call on the "environmental" movement(way back in the Bush I era).
Robert W. wrote at 10:23 AM on Dec-11-2009:
Dude, you have GOT to watch "A Christmas Story." It's just plain fantastic.
Royal Crown wrote at 9:11 AM on Dec-11-2009:
I just listened to the 12-10 show (I'm a podder)... It was fantastic... If I were granted a last meal I would forego the food and ask for an hour with Dennis & Mark Steyn I do have a suggestion for a Cheney Palin ticket CHENEY /PALIN/ 2012 Beauty & the Beast
Larry E. wrote at 8:46 AM on Dec-11-2009:
You guys have it all wrong about Galileo. It wasn't a flat earth/round earth debate. It was an "earth goes around the sun" - vs - "sun goes around the earth" controversy. It was Galileo's "heliocentric view" that got him in Dutch with the Inquisition. Just remember Galileo's parting shot: after he was made to recant his beliefs, on the way out he supposedly muttered under his breath, "Nevertheless, it moves." The Earth moves around the sun -- that was Galileo's rice bowl.
Mel from Massachusetts wrote at 8:24 AM on Dec-11-2009:
19 degrees here in the Berkshires! Looking forward to the 1 degree increase they have been threatening... I would be happier with 5 degrees! Global warming is going to be like a nice down comforter to us here! Bring it on :^P
AvgDude wrote at 5:35 PM on Dec-10-2009:
The definitive history of the Obama presidency should be titled, "Dreams of My Flatterers."
Doug Krentzlin wrote at 7:57 AM on Dec-10-2009:
Hey, Dennis! John Nolte just named the lousy 1938 version of A Christmas Carol as #16 of the 25 best Xmas films!
Kelly wrote at 7:34 PM on Dec-09-2009:
Kelly in Vermont My life is getting more and more crazy every day. It like I'm living in a "reality show". Next thing you know I be having my own publicists.
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