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Dennis Miller: The HBO Comedy Specials (2009)
Dennis Miller: The HBO Comedy Specials (2009)
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Dennis Miller: The HBO Specials may very well end up being the comedy DVD release of 2009. Known more for being politically outspoken since 9/11, Miller nonetheless remains one of the wryest talents in American comedy. His gift for turning a phrase and concocting the most mind-boggling pop culture references is unmatched -- it's a style of comedy that remains uniquely his own. This extraordinary three-disc compilation includes nearly twenty years of Miller, an unmatched look at the evolution of his comedy as superimposed on a full generation of current events. It's enthralling, enlightening, challenging... and best of all, funny. Forget about politics -- this guy is as great as virtual friends can be. HBO Comedy specials from 1988, 1990, 1994, 1996, 1999, 2003 and 2006 are included, and there's not a bad note in any of them. That's how you define a legend. From SRO (Standing Room Only) and Kultur.

Now for the first time, all seven of Dennis Miller's critically acclaimed HBO Comedy Specials are available on DVD from Standing Room Only Entertainment, in this complete Collector's Edition 3-DVD Set.

Dennis Miller has been hailed as one of the premiere comedy talents in America today. The Hollywood Reporter called his most recent special 'an hour of topical, scathing brilliance that helps cement Miller's status as the Lenny Bruce of the new millennium...the most cerebral, astute and clever standup ever to put mouth to microphone.'

He is a five-time Emmy award winner for his critically acclaimed half-hour, live talk show Dennis Miller Live, which had a nine year run on HBO. He was also the host and executive producer of CNBC's Dennis Miller, a topical interview talk show.

For two seasons, Miller called the plays alongside Al Michaels and NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts on ABC's Monday Night Football. He was also the Weekend Update correspondent on Saturday Night Live for six years, before exiting in 1991. He has also been cast in films, usually in dramatic roles, most notably in 1994's Disclosure, 1995's The Net, and 1996's Murder at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In October 2001, HarperCollins published the fourth edition of Miller's popular rants, The Rant Zone, now out in paperback. Miller's previous books, I Rant Therefore I Am; Ranting Again; and The Rants have all been New York Times best sellers.

Miller continues to appear regularly on many politically oriented television talk shows, as well as on his own current nationally syndicated daily radio talk show.


Dennis Miller - Mr. Miller Goes to Washington (1988)
Dennis Miller - Black and White (1990)
Dennis Miller Live from Washington D.C. - They Shoot HBO Specials, Don t They? (1994)
Dennis Miller - Citizen Arcane (1996)
Dennis Miller - The Millennium Special: 1,000 Years, 100 Laughs, 10 Really Good Ones (1999)
Dennis Miller - Raw Feed (2003)
Dennis Miller - All In (2006)

Run time: 396 minutes
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