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Mansquito's Corner

10/26/10: Move Over, Jimmy Olsen
As with every respectable superhero, we hear today that Mansquito has an earnest photojournalist always on his trail--a young Spanish photographer named Nespresso Daguerreotype. Daguerreotype, who snaps shots at every Mansquito crime scene for the local paper, finds that his glimpses of the illusive superhero are often too grainy to be distinguishable, despite using a state-of-the-art digital camera. No one has been cast yet for the role.

10/22/10: 'Mansquito' Unleashes the Ultimate Villain
While the roster of good guys and bad guys in Dennis Miller's 'Mansquito' continues to grow, there was one announced today who is running chills up and down the spines of people of America. Her name? Pelosi Galore.

As explained on today's Dennis Miller Radio Show, Pelosi Galore is a nasty piece of work--part bat, part plastic humanoid. She is the natural-born predator of Mansquito, with the face of a bush baby and the wits of...a bush baby.

10/19/10: 'Mansquito' Greeting Cards
Even though the production of the movie 'Mansquito' is plagued with chronic personnel changes, the product tie-in arm is thriving with the announcement of Mansquito-themed greeting cards, available early next year. As part of the line of cards, artist Geri Centonze has shared some preliminary illustrations, slated for the Valentine's Day collection, including this characterization of 'MissQuito.'

10/08/10: 'Mansquito' Intros Matière
It is uncertain whether Mansquito and the newly-introduced character Lt. Fequale Matière are chums or foes, but as the news of Matière comes across the transom, it is looking like the European detective is more parts Inspector Clouseau than Hercule Poirot. As explained on Dennis Miller's radio show, Matière wears a full latex suit, which most fans are speculating has to do with the potentially-hazardous nature of working with a blood-sucking superhero. Designs for Mansquito's sanitary stinger sheath are still a mystery, but an early rendering of Matière's latex suit has been released as part of the 'Mansquito' style book.

09/30/10: Villains Infest 'Mansquito'
It would seem that Dennis Miller's 'Mansquito' has more characters than a Robert Altman film. Today, fans of the project learned of yet another villainess (perhaps an addition to Eruditia's bevy of accomplices?) by the name of Citronella. With a shock of fiery red hair and an intoxicating level of pheromones, Citronella is at once alluring and repellent to our hero. Quickly summed up by the blogosphere as a third-rate Poison Ivy, Citronella presents an intriguing foil character to Mansquito's wholesome love interest Whipper Wachtell, a role accepted last month by comedian Julia Lillis.

09/29/10: From Intern to Movie Star
On the heels of a report by GLAAD that the number of gay characters is on the rise in broadcast television, Dennis Miller announced that his radio show is doing its part to support the GLBT community by hiring a new (presumably gay) intern. And, in keeping with Miller's recent personnel choices, casting mostly friends and employees for his upcoming flick 'Mansquito,' the radio host said today that the new intern already has a prominent role in the film as Mansquito's butler, Fernando Dangle. While not a substantial speaking role (he mostly utters 'Your tea, sir' throughout the script), Dangel's character holds crucial information about Mansquito's past. "Mansquito has a secret," Miller divulged today, "and only Fernando Dangle knows it."

Wasting no time developing Dangle's character, wardrobe artists from the 'Mansquito' camp have already released the designs for Dangle's proposed work garb: a hooded pea coat, a thong and a pair of Tweety Bird-yellow wellies -- an odd choice, to be sure, but seemingly in keeping with the overall aesthetic of the film.

09/28/10: More 'Mansquito' Changes
Despite semi-official announcements earlier in the month about the line-up in Miller's 'Mansquito' pic, it looks like there are more changes still in the major characters of the film. On the sidekick front, the name Pupa-Boy keeps surfacing; it would appear that Mansquito has gone the way of Batman, with multiple replacement sidekicks. Also, we learn today that Mansquito's nemesis is perhaps a character by the name of Gnat Woman, although we believe that Gnat Woman's character is merely a crony of Eruditia's. Finally, we have picked up the tidbit that Mansquito's alias is none other than Ned Sanguine, who in addition to working the night shift at a local blood bank, is also a tax collector. Hard to say if all of these changes are good news or bad news for Miller's mysterious mosquito movie, but time will tell.

09/23/10: Mansquito's 'M'
Shortly after announcing that Mansquito's nemesis would be called Angelo Codevilla, Dennis Miller rescinded the statement, saying that Codevilla would be better suited as a mentor to Mansquito, similar to the M character in the James Bond films. Meanwhile, a nemesis for Mansquito has been developed - Arch Genome, an evil scientist who is "trying to blur the double helix between man and skeeter." No actor has been attached to the Arch Genome role as of yet.

09/22/10: 'Mansquito'...The Novel?
It looks like there was yet another leak today from the folks at 'Mansquito' -- this time from the publishing end. Floating around the internet is the proposed artwork for a 'Mansquito' book cover which shows the rendering of a very dapper-looking Dennis Miller, sipping a high-ball of blood, while a mysterious female form lingers in the background. The artist, who originally posted the image on her blog (and then promptly took it down later that same day), stated that she was asked to create something for the cover of the "inevitable novelization of 'Mansquito."

09/21/10: Mansquito's Alter Ego
Dennis Miller, who has been revealing more and more about the film 'Mansquito' on his radio show, divulged today that Mansquito's other personality is an unassuming fellow by the name of Bart Tassler. Not surprisingly, Tassler works the night shift at a blood bank.

09/17/10: More Additions to 'Mansquito' Cast
Today, Dennis Miller revealed more of his interesting casting choices for the film, 'Mansquito,' stating that his friend Ronda Fallon, a non-actor, will play the role of Snapper Samuels. "This is not a love interest," Miller said, "Snapper Samuels is my Girl Friday." Also cast is Miller's radio show producer, Christian Bladt, who will play Phillipe Klang, a Parkour artist with a club foot. While the art of Parkour is typically characterized as fluid and efficient, Klang's club foot makes his freerunning awkward. "When he runs up the side of a wall, his club foot goes through a window or kicks over a trash can," Miller explained. Bladt is allegedly doing the role without pay, for points only. "And none of those monkey points," Bladt was quick to point out.

09/14/10: Ajaye Inks 'Mansquito' Deal
The latest casting news from the 'Mansquito' camp is that comedian Franklyn Ajaye will be joining the project. Ajaye, best known for his roles in 'Car Wash' and, more recently, 'Deadwood,' will be playing the character of Professor Nehemiah Larvae. It is unclear whether or not Professor Larvae is a nemesis or confidant to Mansquito.

09/13/10: Back to Planet Squiton
While there had been some confusion about the home planet of Dennis Miller's superhero character in the film 'Mansquito,' it is confirmed that Mansquito is, in fact, from the planet Squiton and not "That Flower Over There," as previously reported. Miller cleared up the misunderstanding on his September 13th radio show.

09/11/10: 'Skeeter' in 3...B?
Fans of 3-D technology will be interested to hear that Dennis Miller's new film project, 'Mansquito,' will actually be shot in 3-B. "We're wheeling out a new process and it is called 3-B," Miller announced on Friday. "That's all I can say right now; patents are not finalized." While it is unclear what exactly 3-B means for film-goers, you can expect nine panels of visuals when looking through the POV of Mansquito. "It will have something to do with - shall we say - the geodesic dome-like quality of a skeeter's vision." Miller, who chose not to elaborate on the new technology, merely added, "Skeeter's eyeball is sorta like the old 'Hollywood Squares.'"

09/10/10: Savini SFX for Stinger
Special effects artist Tom Savini ('Creepshow,' 'Friday the 13th'), will be bringing Mansquito to life, having been named makeup artist on the film this week. Miller, who likes to hire people and "let them run with it," gave Savini only a one-word directive on Mansquito's stinger: "girth."

09/10/10: Leto Ankles Mansquito
Breaking News: Jared Leto, originally slated to play Mansquito's "neighbor," Jimmy Di Bennedetto, has left the project, citing "creative differences." Wasting no time filling the role, we learn this morning that former 'N Sync member and 'Singing Bee' host Joey Fatone, has accepted the gig.

09/10/10: More 'Mansquito' Buzz
We have just learned that the home planet of Mansquito is officially called "That Flower Over There," rather than the previously-rumored name, "Squiton." While we know little about "That Flower Over There," we do know that the character of Mansquito speaks in a brogue. Yesterday, Miller admitted that the original dialect for Mansquito was a South Philly accent "on the pink sheets." Miller added, "Now that we're on the buff pass, Squito speaks with a brogue. Think Brad Pitt in 'Snatch.'"

09/09/10: 'Mansquito' Character Flesh Out
As previously reported, Jared Leto has been tapped to play 'Mansquito' character, Jimmy Di Bennedetto. Today we learn that Di Bennedetto is Mansquito's "neighbor." What do we know about him? Not much, except that there is a constant cobalt light emanating from his basement. "It's all we know," Dennis Miller said of the character, "and it's all we will know!"

09/07/10: Leto to Play 'Mansquito's' Di Bennedetto
More buzz on the 'Mansquito' project reveals that Jared Leto ('Fight Club,' ' Girl, Interrupted') has been named to play the role of Jimmy Di Bennedetto in the picture. The story arc for Leto's 'Di Bennedetto' character has yet to be determined.

09/03/10: 'Mansquito' Superpowers Revealed
Since its announcement, 'Mansquito' fans have been wondering what powers are attached to the half-man-half-insect superhero. Today, we learned that Mansquito, who was launched from his home planet of Squiton to Earth on a strip of over-sized fly paper, possesses unusual powers. "His power is the ability to inspire, and -- if that is found wanting -- to infect with a fast-acting Ebola derivative," said 'Mansquito' EP and star, Dennis Miller.

09/03/10: 'Mansquito 2' Talk
With the surprise announcement of Dennis Miller's 'Mansquito' remake barely a week old, talks of a sequel are already cropping up. In the follow-up, Mansquito (Miller) meets his half-brother and Eruditia's father, Skeeter, "a defrocked Franciscan monk who has, shall we say, ignored his vows," living in a rural Midwestern town. The announcement of 'Mansquito 2: He Good,' comes shortly after the news that the first 'Mansquito' has not even been outlined yet. Despite setbacks with the screenplay, it appears that little-known sound editor Aronofsky Warshawsky will be joining the project. Warshawsky, whose scant CV includes a student film and an ill-fated web series, Tweeted yesterday, "I look forward to bringing the sounds of the planet Squiton to the big screen. #mansquito"

09/02/10: Carvey Considered for Jenga, 'Mansquito' Sidekick
The latest scuttlebutt on filmic curiosity, 'Mansquito,' is the announcement that funnyman Dana Carvey ('Wayne's World,' 'Saturday Night Live) , is now attached to the pic as Mansquito's sidekick, Jenga. According to exec-prod and alleged star, Dennis Miller, the superhero sidekick has the power to "completely fall apart when shot with a beam...any beam." Carvey's reps were not available to confirm or deny the casting rumor.

09/01/10: Disgruntled Studio Artist Leaks 'Mansquito' Creative
While it is not clear what studio--if any--is attached to the mysterious 'Mansquito' remake project, new creative has surfaced today as the result of a leaked theatrical one-sheet. The artist, simply known to the blogophere at present time as 'Gene in Philly,' cannot be reached to comment on what bloggers are calling "classic studio disgruntlement." While Dennis Miller's own publicist is keeping mum on all things 'Mansquito' (he claims to know nothing about the project), there is no mistaking that the winged hero in the creative bears a strong resemblance to Miller.

09/01/10: 'Mansquito' Helmer Names SE Cupp 'Eruditia'
More leads on the 'Mansquito' front reveal that conservative blogger S.E. Cupp will be playing the villainous role of Eruditia in the upcoming film from comedian Dennis Miller. The news comes as a surprise to most fans of the bespectacled authoress, who didn't realize that the regular Fox News contributor had acting aspirations. Update: Cupp will be wearing her glasses during the filming.

08/30/10: 'Mansquito' Taps Comedian Julia Lillis for Whipper Wachtell
As more news trickles in on the puzzling Dennis Miller project, 'Mansquito,' the heroine, a character by the name of Whipper Wachtell, is rumored to be played by Julia Lillis. Lillis, a comedian who has no screen credits to date, will co-star with Miller, who is playing a half-man-half-mosquito superhero from another planet.

08/27/10: Caleb Deschanel rumored 'Mansquito' DP
With the news of Dennis Miller's 'Mansquito' project still settling in, people are now scratching their heads at the announcement that Caleb Deschanel is slated to be cinematographer on the film. Deschanel, a five-time Oscar nominee ('Passion of the Christ, 'The Right Stuff',) was not available to comment.

08/25/10: Dennis Miller is...'Mansquito'?
Dennis Miller appeared on Fox News Channel's 'Red Eye' and 'America Live' today with 'Mansquito' under his name. WHAT is it? WHEN will we find out more? Check back for regular updates.

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