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Full Interviews March 6, 2012
Differences in the Timeline
Differences in the Timeline
ABC News Chief White House correspondent, Jake Tapper gives the run-down on the discussion between Obama and Netanyahu on U.S. involvement in Israel's attempt to stop Iran.
Tags:  IranIsraelJake TapperNetanyahuObamaRush LimbaughSandra Fluke
Featured Caller March 5, 2012
Featured Caller 03/05/2012
Featured Caller 03/05/2012
John in VT discusses the Limbaugh-Fluke story with Dennis, who says it's emblematic of a much bigger problem.
Tags:  Featured CallerJohn in VTRush LimbaughSandra Fluke
Full Interviews September 2, 2011
It Almost Keeps You Up At Night
It Almost Keeps You Up At Night
David Limbaugh speaks about Obama's rigid ideology and the dangers of financial collapse.
Tags:  David LimbaughDennis's Oprah's Book ClubObamaRush Limbaugh
Soup of the Day January 28, 2011
Shocker: Rush Outrages San Francisco Democrat
Hear the "imitation" of Hu Jintao by Rush Limbaugh that has CA state Sen. Leland Yee demanding an apology.
Tags:  ReallyRush LimbaughSenator Rerand
Soup of the Day January 11, 2011
VIDEO: Arizona Sherrif Names Rush
Sheriff Clarence Dupnik defends himself and calls Rush Limbaugh "irresponsible" in this clip from ABC News.
Tags:  ABC NewsArizonaJared Lee LoughnerRush LimbaughSheriff Clarence DupnikVideos
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