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Full Interviews August 15, 2012
The Primary Columns of 2012
The Primary Columns of 2012
Patrick Griffin, a former adviser to the presidential campaigns of George W. Bush, talks about his collection of columns about the 2012 Primary.
Tags:  GOP PrimaryHerman CainJoe BidenMike MurphyMitt RomneyPeter GriffinRick Perry
Featured Caller January 19, 2012
Featured Caller 01/19/2012
Featured Caller 01/19/2012
Danny in Texas shares his passion for secession and admiration of Rick Perry, who he admits doesn't seem like a very smart man.
Tags:  Danny in TXRick PerrySecessionTexas
Full Interviews January 19, 2012
Larry O' in SC!
Larry O' in SC!
Friend of the Show and Editor of Breitbart.tv, Larry O'Connor, calls in with a funny report from South Carolina, tracking the changes with the GOP Primary race, which seem to happen hourly.
Tags:  2012Mitt RomneyNewt GingrichRick PerryRick Santorum
Full Interviews January 3, 2012
Every Thing You Always Wanted to Know About Caucuses...But Were Afraid to Ask
Every Thing You Always Wanted to Know About Caucuses...But Were Afraid to Ask
Political Strategist Mike Murphy explains the importance of the Iowa caucuses before delving into the nitty-gritty.
Tags:  2012Friend of the ShowGOP PrimaryMike MurphyMitt RomneyRick PerryRick SantorumRon Paul
Full Interviews December 12, 2011
On the Ground in Iowa
On the Ground in Iowa
Byron York, The Washington Examiner Chief Political Correspondent, calls in from Iowa to give the latest on the GOP field.
Tags:  2012Byron YorkCaucusGOP PrimaryMichelle BachmannMitt RomneyNewt GingrichRick PerryWashingont Examiner
Soup of the Day November 30, 2011
VIDEO: Perry Forgets Voting Age
Oops! Perry's latest gaffe comes to you from yesterday's speech at Saint Anselm College, where he appealed to students who would be 21 by the election.
Tags:  2012GOP PrimaryRick PerryVideos
Featured Caller November 18, 2011
Featured Caller 11/18/2011
Featured Caller 11/18/2011
Mark in FL asks Dennis if Herman Cain is done. Dennis's answer? For now, yes.
Tags:  2012Featured CallerGOP PrimaryHerman CainMitt RomneyObamaRick PerryRon Paul
Soup of the Day November 11, 2011
VIDEO: Rick Perry's Top Ten
On last night's 'Letterman,' Rick Perry gives the Top Ten reasons he gacked this week's debate.
Tags:  ComedyGOP DebateLettermanRick PerryVideos
Featured Caller November 10, 2011
Featured Caller 11/10/2011
Featured Caller 11/10/2011
Paul in Kentucky tries to make three very important points today.
Tags:  Featured CallerPaul in KentuckyRick Perry
Soup of the Day November 10, 2011
VIDEO: Perry Sure Talks Funny
In this hilarious overdub, Bad Lip-Reading Soundbite makes sport of Perry's oft-incomprehensible comments.
Tags:  ComedyGOP DebateRick PerryVideos
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