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Featured Caller October 19, 2012
Featured Caller 10/19/2012
Featured Caller 10/19/2012
Doug in Kansas City discussed the perils of Political Correctness.
Tags:  Doug in Kansas CityFeatured CallerPolitical Correctness
Rants May 3, 2012
Goodell is Horribly Misguided
Goodell is Horribly Misguided
Roger Goodell is in the middle of some political correct weirdness right now where he's putting "safety" first -- but the bottom line is that he still wants two more games per season.
Tags:  FootballNFLPolitical CorrectnessRantsRoger Goodell
Rants April 19, 2012
Enough with the Stupid Minutia
Enough with the Stupid Minutia
Today, Dennis says that our culture has gotten so "forward-thinking," that we're missing the basics right in front of us.
Tags:  BullyingEducationPolitical CorrectnessRants
Soup of the Day October 17, 2011
VIDEO: Harbaugh-Schwartz Slap Fight
See the minor kerfuffle that has SI's Peter King calling for a "teaching moment."
Tags:  FootballJim HarbaughJim SchwartzPeter KingPolitical CorrectnessTeaching MomentVideos
Featured Caller May 5, 2011
Featured Caller 05/05/2011
Featured Caller 05/05/2011
Armand in CT shares a great definition of "political correctness."
Tags:  Featured CallerPolitical CorrectnessTexas A-M
Full Interviews May 5, 2011
The Terrorist Next Door?
The Terrorist Next Door?
CBN's Erick Stakelbeck discusses his new book, "The Terrorist Next Door," and shares some shocking tales of terrorists on U.S. soil.
Tags:  Dennis's Oprah's Book ClubErick StakelbeckOsama bin LadenPolitical CorrectnessRadical IslamTerrorThe Terrorist Next Door
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Full Interviews April 14, 2011
Six Degrees of Orson Bean
Six Degrees of Orson Bean
Actor, author and raconteur Orson Bean joined Dennis for an Ex Machina today. Hear the whole hour as Bean reminisces about show biz, including how he got his name.
Tags:  Bozo CzymbalFriend of the ShowKevin BaconOrson BeanPolitical CorrectnessSwishy Nephew on Ellery QueenVal DuVal
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Featured Caller April 4, 2011
Featured Caller 04/04/2011
Featured Caller 04/04/2011
Dennis explains to Breno in Jersey that there are certain things the U.S. will never let fly here (Sharia Law, anyone?) but there some people who will push our tolerance to the edge.
Tags:  9-11Featured CallerPolitical CorrectnessRadical IslamRantsSharia Law
Full Interviews January 20, 2011
The Jasser Chamber
The Jasser Chamber
Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, the show's 'Go-To Muslim,' is optimistic that 2011 will be a less politically-correct year than the last.
Tags:  It's Pronounced 'Muss-lim'Political CorrectnessRadical IslamZuhdi Jasser
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Annotated Miller November 30, 2010
Righteous Indignation
Righteous Indignation
Righteous Indignation: What we should be feeling about Julian Assange -- not this PC crap! (Yes, Hilary Clinton, that mostly was directed at you.)
Tags:  Annotated MillerHilary ClintonPolitical CorrectnessRighteous Indignation
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