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Featured Caller January 19, 2011
Featured Caller 01/19/2011
Featured Caller 01/19/2011
He was shot in Tuscon by Jared Loughner and today, our caller, Jim Tucker in AZ, shares his story.
Tags:  Arizona ShootingsFeatured CallerJared Lee LoughnerJim Tucker
Full Interviews January 11, 2011
A Year of the DailyCaller.com
A Year of the DailyCaller.com
Dennis congratulates Tucker Carlson on the one-year anniversary of his website, DailyCaller.com, before they get down to business of second-guessing.
Tags:  Arizona ShootingsDailyCaller.comFriend of the ShowJared Lee LoughnerSquashTucker Carlson
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Soup of the Day January 11, 2011
VIDEO: Arizona Sherrif Names Rush
Sheriff Clarence Dupnik defends himself and calls Rush Limbaugh "irresponsible" in this clip from ABC News.
Tags:  ABC NewsArizonaJared Lee LoughnerRush LimbaughSheriff Clarence DupnikVideos
Soup of the Day January 11, 2011
Tuck-Tuck on Exploitation
Tuck-Tuck on Exploitation
Tucker Carlson of the DailyCaller.com has a new article out this week on Arizona, "Exploiting a tragedy," with co-writer Neil Patel.
Tags:  ArizonaDailyCaller.comJared Lee LoughnerTucker CarlsonWashington
Rants January 10, 2011
How To Deal
How To Deal
In the wake of the Arizona shootings, Dennis says that the way to honor the memories of those lost does not lie in figuring out who to blame.
Tags:  Arizona ShootingsExplaining the InexplicableJared Lee LoughnerRants
Soup of the Day January 10, 2011
VIDEO: Deb Saunders Smackdown
Watch, as Friend of the Show Deb Saunders tells Roger Simon on CNN not to play the blame game with these Arizona shootings.
Tags:  Arizona ShootingsCNNDeb SaundersFriend of the ShowJared Lee LoughnerSarah PalinVideos
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